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Religious Symbols

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  • Labyrinth Society, The
    Supporting all those who create, maintain, and use labyrinths and serving the global community by providing education, networking, and opportunities to experience transformation.
  • Labyrint Drielandenpunt Vaals
    Labyrinth park in South Limburg region of the Netherlands offering many outdoor activities. In Dutch.
  • Mandala Project
    Offers a forum for sharing mandalas, and resources for using them for educational applications.
  • The Labyrinth: Walking Your Spiritual Journey
    Describes the labyrinth as a metaphor for the journey to the center of your deepest self and back out into the world.
  • World-Wide Labyrinth Locator
    Easy-to-use database of labyrinths around the world. From The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas.
  • Earth Symbols
    Information about large and small walkable earthworks based on the archetypal patterns of nature; maze maker Alex Champion; and stories. Also contains a labyrinth products catalog.
  • What is the Ouroboros?
    The symbol of the serpent biting its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal, is found in many cultures and religions.
  • Ouroboros
    An image archive organized of images from around the world, including the ouroboros as a tatoo.
  • Sacred Labyrinth Walk
    History, guidelines, photos, FAQ, and links about the spiritual self alignment tool of labyrinth walking.
  • Labyrinths at Grace Cathedral
    Offers information about the labyrinths at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.
  • See Our Mandalas
    View pictures of children's mandalas.
  • Surrender to the Heart
    Offering a labyrinth walk and workshop along the shores of Canyon Lake, Texas.
  • Spira Solaris and the Universal Ouroboros
    Images and insight from around the world and the Net.
  • Sacred Labyrinth, The
    Ancient spiritual meditation tool.
  • A-U-M-Silence
    The ancient sound of "Om".
  • Walking the Labyrinth
    An occupation promoting wellness seminar.
  • OM: The Symbol of Absolute
  • Sacred Word OM
    Which stands for Brahman, both as personal and impersonal God.
  • Animal Walk
    Teachings from the animal kingdom for the two-leggeds, by Julia White.
  • Om: Significance in Jainism

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