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  • Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense
    Rebuts to some of the most common "scientific" arguments raised against evolution.
  • Creation Science Association for Mid-America
    Nonprofit educational and research corporation whose "members are concerned about the widespread false teaching called evolution."
  • Evolution versus Creationism
    Online forum for debate about creation and evolution.
  • McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
    Case struck down the Arkansas balanced treatment act and showed the religious basis of creationism and its supporters.
  • Creation Truth Foundation
    Nonprofit Christian educational organization that teaches scientific creation.
  • Creationism: Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience?
    An expos? of creationist Dr. Duane Gish by Joyce Arthur.
  • Genesis Network
    Articles, news, and information on the creation vs evolution controversy.
  • The Critic's Resource
    Offers a critical examination of the antievolution movement.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Creationists and Creation Science
    Examines the pseudoscientific theory, Creation Science, which claims that the stories in Genesis are accurate accounts of the origin of the universe and life on Earth.
  • Icons of Anti-Evolution
    Rebutting the creationist arguments put forth by John Corrigan "Jonathan" Wells's book Icons of Evolution.
  • Evolution, a Fairy Tale for Grownups
    Humorous look at the fairy tale of molecules-to-man evolution.
  • Earth History Research Center
    Aims to develop a view of origins that is scientifically credible, and consistent with the Biblical account of creation.
  • Creation Answers
    Presents proof that the motions of the earth, the moon, and the apparent sun are the intentional result of special creation.
  • Accuracy in Genesis
    Contains etymological and scientific arguments to prove the existence of God and the theory of Genesis.
  • Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved
    In 50 arguements, by Rev. William A. Williams.
  • Evolution of Truth
    Articles exploring science and the idea of evolution from a Christian perspective.
  • Wikipedia: Young Earth Creationism
    Hyperlinked article about the belief that is held by Christians, Jews, and Muslims who believe that the ancient Hebrew text of Genesis is a historical account.
  • Museum of Earth History
    Presents the biblical account of early epic periods of ancient history often overlooked by modern historians: life before the fall, the post-fall world, and life after the devastating effects of the great Genesis Flood.
  • National Association for Objectivity in Science
    Promotes objectivity in the teaching of the theory of macroevolution.
  • Lost World Museum
    Lost World Museum's mission is to present archaeological finds and exhibits to validate the idea of creationism.

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Science and Religion > Creation vs. Evolution

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