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  • Answers in Genesis
    Provides biblical answers to questions about Creation, Evolution, and the Bible. Resources include feature articles, print materials, and columnists.
  • Institute for Creation Research
    Christ focused creation ministry where science and the Bible are fully integrated.
  • TalkOrigins Archive, The
    Newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins; with most discussions focusing on the creation/evolution controversy.
  • Hovind, Kent
    Offering a prize to anyone who can provide scientific proof that evolution actually occurred.
  • Creation Museum
    Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, the Creation Museum takes its guests on a walk through history, using state of the art special-effects to bring the pages of the Bible to life.
  • Panda's Thumb, The
    Dedicated to explaining the theory of evolution, critiquing the claims of the anti-evolution movement, and defending the integrity of science and science education in America and around the world.
  • National Center for Science Education (NCSE)
    Defends the teaching of evolution in public schools.
  • Center for Scientific Creation
    Dedicated to the research of the origins of humankind.
  • Creation Research Society
    Professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.
    Collection of articles and resources in support of creationism.
  • Creation Evidence Museum
    Established in July of 1984 for the purpose of research, excavation, and display of scientific evidence for creation.
  • True.Origin Archive
    Responding to the claim that evolution is supported by empirical science.
  • International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID)
    Cross-disciplinary professional society that investigates complex systems apart from external programmatic constraints like materialism, naturalism, or reductionism.
  • Scopes Monkey Trial@
  • FAQ - Talk.Origins
  • Talk Reason
    Features arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics.
  • Duelity
    A beautiful and bizarre pair of animated shorts which continue the creation vs. evolution discussion. Duelity presents the creation story in a very scientific way and the evolution story using biblical language.
  • Evolution Happens
    Answers a series of commonly asked questions about the theory of evolution.
  • Evolutionblog
    Blog providing daily commentary on issues related to any aspect of the evolution/creation dispute.
    Challenging scientific paradigms on human origins and life after death.

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Science and Religion > Creation vs. Evolution

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