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  • Lerma-Net
    Provides news articles and a critical examination of Scientology.
  • Scientology Lies
    Info on pickets, fliers, and other ways you can help reform Scientology.
  • Scientology Kills
    Articles examining Scientology and the Hollywood celebrities who promote it.
  • Truth About Scientology, The
    Provides factual information about Scientology, typically omitted from the information provided by the Church of Scientology to the general public.
  • Rick Ross: Scientology
    Contains information The Rick A. Ross Institute has gathered about Scientology.
  • Keith Henson News
    News and background about Keith Henson , the man seeking political refugee status in Canada and his trial.
  • Stop Scientology!
    Presents news, analysis, and links on why some consider Scientology a dangerous cult.
  • ARS Summary
    Assembling a list of Scientology-related material.
  • NarCONon is Scientology
    Discussing the connection between the Church and this drug treatment program.
  • Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
    Web version of the Time Magazine article.
  • Karin Spaink's Scientology Page
    Lists sources to defend oneself with when sued by Scientology.
  • Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez
    Documents the case of Raul Lopez.
  • Scientollywood
    Documenting the influence of Scientology in the entertainment industry.
  • Canadian anti-Scientology Pickets
    Repository for information concerning protests, pickets, and non-pickets against Scientology in Canada.
  • Scientology vs. Weekly World News
    Read each quote and try to determine if it's from one of L. Ron Hubbard's texts or from a supermarket tabloid.
  • Introduction to Scientology
    Provides information about Scientology for the curious and the uninformed.
  • NOTs Scholars Home Page, The
    Promotes the scholarly study of the NOTs documents as both religious literature and historical texts.
  • Real Steven Fishman Page
    Read what Fishman thinks about the things he is accused of.
  • Scientology in Canada
    Critical Canadian information.
  • Christianity and Scientology Examined
    Examines the two religions and the claim that they are compatible religions.

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Scientology > Opposing Views

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