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    Offers online classes in Jewish learning. Includes extensive archives and discussion on Jewish philosophy, ethics, and law.
  • Ten Commandments (10)
    Learn about Ten Commandments, the list of religious and moral imperatives which according to the Bible was written by God and given to Moses in the form of two stone tablets. Sites include history, actual text, and analysis of the Decalogue.
  • Wikipedia: Torah
    Entry for Torah, the foundation document of Judaism. Article features the usage, structure, oral law, different interpretations, and importance of the Five Books of Moses.
  • Navigating the Bible II
    Online bar or bat mitzvah tutor which includes studies on Torah, Haftarot, Brachot, and Divrei Torah. In English, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Torah Audio Site
    Audio Torah classes on the Internet. Classes include Chumash, Talmud, and Jewish thought.
  • Great Isaiah Scroll
    Provides photographs and English translation of the two Qumran Isaiah scrolls, Qumran Great Isaiah Scroll and Qumran Scroll of Isaiah.
  • Navigating the Bible
    Contains the Torah in English, Hebrew, and transliterated Hebrew, and audio files.
  • Kosher
    Teaches the model psychology of Mitzvot with articles and discussions on Torah. Includes online library of books and audio lessons.
    Archive of divrei Torah written by Rabbis of Yeshiva University. Sign-up available for weekly e-mails.
  • Milk and Honey
    Teachings and discussions on Torah from Rabbi Steve Gindi.
  • TorahToday
    Delivers one-minute daily streaming audio Torah messages.
  • Torah Center
    Includes downloads of audio tapes on Shoftim and perasha, schedule, and more for the local community.
  • About Torah Messianic Jewish Web Site
    Assembly of Believers Observing, Understanding, and Teaching Torah (ABOUT) is a school dedicated to training Messianic Jewish and non-Jewish individuals in the spiritual importance of observing Torah in everyday life.
  • What is the Torah?
    Gives an overview of Torah and explains its two parts, Torah Shebiksav (the Written Torah) and the Torah Sheb'al Peh (the Oral Torah).
  • Weekly Dvar
    Collection of short, practical Dvar Torahs on the weekly Parsha.
  • Torah Tropes
    Choose the name of a torah trope symbol and hear it sung.
  • Introduction to Shir HaShirim - The Song of Songs
    One of the five Megilot, or Sacred Scrolls, that are part of the Hebrew Bible.
  • Torah View
    Teaching materials - free to print and share. Latest breaking news in Israel. Parenting advice. Lots of free stuff.
    Rabbi Moishe Shaingarten teaches Torah Scrolls, Mezuzot, Tefillin, Sifrei Torah, and more.
  • Torah and Tradition
    Features articles, parasha, Jewish resources, and more.

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Jewish Teachings and Texts > Torah

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