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  • Wikipedia: Sunni Islam
    A backgrounder including history, Sunnis around the world, theology, and views on other groups.
  • Sunni Path
    Online academy and resource for the learning of Sunni Islam.
  • Origins of the Sunni/Shia split in Islam
    The Sunni/Shiite difference with views from history, theological differences, and practical differences. Also includes the fundamentals of faith of the Shi'i Imami Ithna Ashari.
    A Maturidi Hanafi Sunni website. Promotes the awareness of classical, traditional, orthodox, and ahlus sunnah wal jammaah knowledge of Islam.
  • Sunni
    Branch of Islam that draws its name from its identification with the importance of the Sunna.
  • Islam: The True Path
    Offers answers to the opponents of traditional Sunni Islam.
  • Council on Foreign Relations: Iraq - The Sunnis
    Iraqi Sunni Q&A backgrounder published in 2003. Attempts to provide insights into some of the frequently asked questions about Sunnis including their role in the new Iraq, the Sunni-Shiite divide, how Sunnis are organized religiously, popular support for the group, and the community leaders.
  • Sunni Tradition
    Diagram of independent sects, jurisprudential schools, and theological schools of the Sunni tradition of Islam.

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