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  • Answering Islam: The Holy War
    Includes quotes from holy texts.
  • Azzam Publications
    Provides news and information about Jihad and Mujahideen. Also includes photo library, video clips, and more.
  • BBC Religion & Ethics: Jihad
    BBC article examines the concept of Jihad, including its various interpretations.
  • Elementary Study of Islam: Jihad - The Holy War
    Explains the Koranic origins of the Jihad.
  • Islamic Glossary: Jihad
    Definition of Jihad.
  • Jehad - the Holy War
    Explains the concept and philosophy of the holy war by giving examples of past Jihads.
  • Jihad Explained
    From the Institute of Islamic Information and Education.
  • Jihad in the Qur'an and Sunnah
    Article by Sheikh 'Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid, ex-Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia, presenting Jihad in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah.
  • Jihad Monitor
    Blog created by university researchers to provide links on Islamist radicalism and Jihadism.
  • Jihad Watch
    Blog exploring the role that Jihad theology and ideology play in the modern world.
  • Jihad: The Holy War and its Legitimacy in the Quran
    Series of downloadable lectures.
  • NPR: The War on the Word 'Jihad'
    October, 2006 report on the various interpretations of the word 'jihad.'
  • Paving the Way
    Brief article by Sayyid Qutb defending the need for Jihad.
  • The Concept of Jihad in Islam
    Article exploring various interepretations of jihad.
  • Spiritual Significance of Jihad
    An article by Seyeed Hossein Nasr on the spiritual significance and connotations of the term jihad. From the pages of Al-Islam.
  • What the Islamic Scriptures Really Say About Jihad and Violence
    Analysis by Islamic scholars of passages from the Quran frequently invoked by Islamic militants and terrorist groups. From Beliefnet.
  • Wikipedia: Jihad
    Hyperlinked article about the Arabic term jihad and its role in modern-day Islam. Includes links to neutral, Islamic, and non-Islamic sites about jihad.

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