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    Features horoscopes, romance compatibility reports, celebrity horoscopes, quizzes, astrology tools, and shopping.
  • Wikipedia: Astrology
    User-created article about astrology, the system of knowledge which believes in the effects of celestial bodies and their positions on human beings and events.
  • Astrocenter
    Features personalized daily horoscopes, chart readings, and compatibility analysis throught astrology.
  • Astrology
    Offers a birth chart calculator as well as articles on compatibility throughout the zodiac and astrology scams.
  • Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank
    Learn astrology by example and test your theories and techniques.
  • AdZe MiXXe
    Includes astrology predictions, oracles, horoscopes, almanac, love and sexual compatibility, and celebrity biographies.
  • Cafe
    Features astrology reports, zodiac signs, birthdays and divination arts, natal and predictive astrology, and birth chart interpretations for celebrities. Also offers monthly, daily, and yearly forecasts including love sign compatability.
  • FutureMinders
    Personalized astrology providing free reports on relationships, career, family, and the future.
  • Wade, Paul
    Official site of the professional astrologer. Free zodiac screen savers, astrology games, monthly forecasts, sun sign analyses, and chatroom.
  • AquarianAge
    Cooperative site built by practitioners of astrology and New Age arts as a showcase of wisdom and talent.
  • Astro Awareness
    Information on moon phases, planet and star alignment, horoscopes, monthly forecasts, and more.
  • United Astrology Conference
  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Astrology
    Article on the divination based on the theory that the positions and movements of celestial bodies at the time of birth profoundly influence a person's life.
  • iVillage: Love & Astrology
    Astrology site about love features a kissing quiz, pick-up lines, and a passion thermometer that measures the temperature of each sign in the zodiac.
  • Jagjit Uppal
    Provides daily, weekly, and yearly forecasts, articles, compatibility, and an introduction to I Ching.
  • Queer Astrology
    Features articles and information on the queer approach to astrology and spirituality. Also provides history and news for the gay community.
  • Role of the Least-Aspected Planet In Astrocartography, The
    A look at planetary symbolism in astrocartography and transcendental astrology.
    Presents information concerning the end of the world as indicated by the stars. Myths, real events, and celestial alignment build the bigger picture.
  • Intoxicated Zodiac
    Mixing cocktails and astrology, Intoxicated Zodiac offers cocktail recipes, horoscopes, green living ideas, and thoughts on the spirit industry and the zodiac.
    Offering natal charts, interpretations, tutorials, quizzes, and more.

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Divination > Astrology

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