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Christian Denominations and Sects

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  • Kingdom, The
    History of Frank Sandford's fundamentalist religious movement at Shiloh in Durham, Maine.
  • Saint Matthew's Churches
    Ecumenical in scope and nature. Reaching out with love, compassion, and understanding to people of all backgrounds regardless of their ethnic group, creed, or gender.
  • Order Explained, The
    Uniting of the scientific, spiritual and moral laws underpinning the universe presented by Mantelet Communications.
  • Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
    Features beliefs, church information, and more.
  • First Christian Fellowship of Eternal Sovereignty
    Proseltyzing and educating sovereign Americans to empower them to demand and defend their God given rights and fulfill their duties as freedom loving Christians against the encroachment of the Beast and his agents.
  • Maranatha Christian Fellowship
    Bible-believing denomination with churches around the world, most being located outside of the United States.
  • Wikipedia: Catholic Evangelical
    User-generated article about Catholic Evangelicals which features beliefs, church information, and related links.
  • Nondenominational Christianity
    Explains the difference between nondenominational and interdenominational.
  • Creation 7th Day Adventists
    Introduction to origin and beliefs; free tapes, and literature offered.
  • Church of the Firstborn
    Messianic church of David's Branch the Father.

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Christian Denominations and Sects

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