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  • Aaron's Page of Reason
    Includes links to discussion and informational sites about atheism and theism.
  • About Agnosticism/Atheism: Religious Persecution?
    Discusses the proposed 1998 Freedom from Religious Persecution Act (FFRPA).
  • Agnosticism/Atheism: God
    Offers a definition and related terms.
  • Does God Exist?
    Offers links from an atheistic point of view.
  • Assertive Atheist, The
    There is no god and you are not going to hell.
  • Atheism Web
    Collection of resources including arguments for atheism, transcripts or reviews of debates relating to atheism, and articles about the relationship between morality and atheism.
  • Atheism, Evolution, and Freethought
    Offers essays, links, and quotes.
  • Atheist's Wager
    Wry, witty, and open discussion of atheism, expanding Pascal's Wager beyond Christianity into all major religions.
  • Day That Counts, The
    Encourages non-believers to contact their elected representatives on July 17, 2001.
  • Debate Unlimited
    Full of atheist, socialist, and radical ideas.
  • Ethical Atheist
    World events, history, science, and general articles from an atheist point of view.
  • Evil Atheist Conspiracy
    A center for information on our organization, detailing our mission in this world.
  • Famous Dead Non-theists
    Celebrates people throughout history who have advocated living life without deference to a higher power.
  • Freethinkers
    Examines beliefs and the problems they cause.
  • Godless Americans Political Action Committee
    Mobilizing America's nonbelievers for political activism.
  • Godless Science, Godless Ethics
    Lecture given at the 1998 Atheist Coalition of San Diego discussing a view of both godlessness and ethics that are based in science.
  • Happy Heretic
    Monthly column by Judith Hayes.
  • Infidel Guy, The
    Call-in radio show featuring live webcasts and podcasting. Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr and guests, discuss philosophy, atheism, theology, the paranormal, science and evolution.
  • On Religion and Atheism
    Features questions and quotations in support of Atheism.
  • Page of Reason, The
    Contains arguments for Atheism and Humanism, quotes, music, thoughts, essays, and more.
  • Positive Atheism
    Discusses the history, ethics, and philosophy of atheism.
  • Really Good News
    Toward a personal atheist apologia.
  • Secular Seasons
    Lists Humanist celebrations and events focused on the separation of church and state, forethought, and rational thought.
  • Secular Web Library
    Collection of freethought literature by such authors as Charles Bradlaugh, Joseph McCabe, Charles Watts, and Thomas Paine. Complete works of Robert G. Ingersoll.
  • Steven Carr's Atheism Page
    Provides information on Atheism, Humanism, Philosophy, Christianity, Islam, and more.
  • Why the Christian God is Impossible
    By Chad Docterman. Taken from the Atheist Soapbox.

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