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  • Ka, Jarvis Tat Yik
    Jarvis Ka's Hong Kong, stocks, news, pops pictures, Vivian, Charlie, and more.
  • Kabuhayan
    SVI's Batch 95-2 and friends. Includes info on Kabuhayan members, picture gallery, jokes, inspirational articles, info on Voltes V.
  • Kacia
  • Kaczmarek, Joe
    Poetry, jokes.
  • Kadado Family
    Information about the family and Lebanon.
  • Kahl, Alexander - RadiKahl Environment
    Global thoughts & local action, environmental consulting, environmental & emergency action.
  • Kahler, Casey - It's A Manatee's World Out There
    Christian site focusing on the Lord above all, modern Christian music, and the Mighty Manatee!
  • Kahn, Shujaat
    U2, skydiving.
  • Kahng, Hk - Crepe Paper Airplane
    Favorite bands and labels that roughly fall under the broad category of indie pop.
  • Kaiser Family
    Offers family news, insights into life, and plenty of pictures.
  • Kaiser, Christian
    UNIX system software expert.
  • Kaiser, David
  • Kakel, Kamaran
  • Kakuji, Javid
  • Kalbaugh, Douglas L.
    Personal data, essays, an unpublished novel, and other jokes.
  • Kaleb's Page
    With personal info, star wars, music, gaming information and more.
  • Kalebergs, The: Kaleberg Symbionts
    Join the Kaleberg Symbionts in their brain fugue adventures in food, humor, and travel.
  • Kalellis, Mickey
    Welcome to Mickey's Homepage. I was born in Athens, Greece, 29 and a half years ago to a Greek mother, a dentist, and an American father, from Greek decent, a retired USAF Colonel, ..
  • Kalinsky, Lee
  • Kam Yan, Cheng
  • Kamalani, Christopher - Kalama
  • Kamat, Jyotsna
  • Kamath, Monty - Home Goodness
    Smalltalk job listings, links, events, newsletter, salary survey, and more.
  • Kambhampati, Subbarao
  • Kaminski, Adam
    Student with asperger syndrome and learning disabilities who gave a speech at an inclusion conference.
  • Kan, Steven
    Providing personal information, my resume, and links to pages I maintain, including Tiffany Chin's Home Page (figure skating) and Pulse Instruments Company.
  • Kanda, Moli - Techno Hell
    Horror Cartoonist and amateur techno musician.
  • Kane, Dan - Page at the end of the Universe
  • Kane, Jared
    Sadness - Personal explorations in writing and art.
  • Kane, John
  • Kane, Kevin
    Includes photos and resume for a statistician/SAS and Java programmer.
  • Kang, Elizabeth
  • Kangas, Stephen
    Including Kangas genealogy, link to Mini Minstrels presents Kindermusik classes for children and interesting photos.
  • Kanji, Shamir
    Kanji's Kingdom - This is me! Ismaili, Muslim, Kanji, Nenshi, Carleton Grad, and resume.
  • Kankanala, Naveen - Nachoworld
    Information, free email, and all sorts of stuff from Nacho.
  • Kann, Kimi - Astronaut Bob
    Humorous fictional series of stories about laxatives, groundhogs, and poodle haircuts.
  • Kannan, Rekha
    Includes bio, family pictures, and more.
  • Kannan's World
    Offers personal information and interests and Tamil related links.
  • Kantor, David
    Background in sedimentology, paleontology, and hydrogeology and personal information.
  • Kanzen, Jeremy []
  • Kapadia, Apu
    Important links to the 'Unix and everything after'
  • Kaplan, Carol Ann
  • Kaplan, David - DHK Bookmarks
    Eclectic list of sites discovered surfing the Web.
  • Kaplan, Ian - World Headquarters and Fan Club!
    A little page about me, Jamiroquai, G. Love, RATM, and some other points of interest.
  • Kaplinsky, Robert
    Includes web development portfolio, resume, and interests.
  • Kappen, Jimmy
    Features resume, photos, and guestbook.
  • Karaczun, Alex - Dubious Inspiration
    Personal strand of the Web, my resume, links to my favorite web sites, as well as those of my friends.
  • Karami, Kianoosh
    Includes family pictures and biography.
  • Karell, Manuel
    Snoring and sleep apnea research of an inventor physician.
  • Karen
    An awesome page created by a teenage girl.
  • Karen, Jens, Ouzo & Zilo
    Two Danes and their pet Kelpies.
  • Karen524
    Info about myself, my friends, and my life.
  • Kargar, Bizhan
  • Karin, Tracy
    Brief biography about my life. 3D, animated objects, and background MIDI music for my visitor's enjoyment while they browse.
  • Karl, Brice Taylor
    Baby photos.
  • Karlin Network, The
    Features family home pages, pictures, and genealogical information.
  • Karmakar, Kallol
    All about me and only me.
  • Karol, Robert
    RICO informant's true story about corruption within the Detroit Police Department, federal law enforcement, and the Executive Branch.
  • Karpinski, Jeff
    Denver info, rocketry stuff, ice skating, and more.
  • Karpov, Andre
    Site features eccentric artwork and Freaks, a children's book, by this San Francisco-based artist and poet.
  • Kartar.Net
    One Sydneysider's blog, poetry, and links.
    Personal home page of Karthikeyan. Also in Tamil. Features gadgets, favorite links, downloads, and more.
  • Kasbad House
    Enjoys model planes, gardening, and Syd.
  • Kaskey, Jonathan L.
    Sections on fencing, skiing and juggling.
  • Kassam, Alkarim N.
    The Kassam site includes photographs of family members and special events.
  • Kassie's Cool Stuff
    Personal info, favorite links, pics, and more.
  • Kate and Neil?s Blog
    Personal blog of Kate Kelly and Neil Rasom, includes entries from their travels and expeditions.
  • KatGyrl
    A collection of mostly brit rock MIDIs, featuring The Cure & U2. Also music related fonts, featuring Smashing Pumpkins & The Cure.
  • KatGyrl's Fontain of Youth
    Unusual downloadable true type fonts & win95 font utilities.
  • Katherine and Elizabeth - The Terrible 2
    Weird funny stuff.
  • Kathy
    Music, sites, pictures about Jimmy Buffett, X-Files, Dean Cain, and other interests.
  • Kathy - LotsaLahti
    A BBW in Texas. Includes photos and interests. Stop in and visit!
  • Katic, Miroslav
    My home page contain useful things for students of mathematics and physics here in Osijek Croatia.Programs for HP and PC.
  • Kato, Nori
    Java applets and quick-time movies of simulation on physics (solar system, ideal gas, wave interference, doppler effect etc.)
  • Katter, Robert
    All new for the most part, I'm just starting to play with java so come on in.
  • Katya, Ira & Gene
    We are friendly and open for contacts. Looking for friends? Welcome!
  • Katz, David - Dave's Page
  • Katz, Kasey
    Blondie/Debbie Harry pictures, Joan Jett, games, and links.
  • Katz/Sadinoff Central - The Cove
    Where are all of those cousins and uncles? Find out here!
  • Katzman, Dave
    Personal info, my resume, pictures, and my music collection.
  • Kaufthal, Jonathan
    Entertainment, Jewish/Israel-related resources, news, sports, and lots more--as well as sub-pages of original material.
  • Kavathiya, Shailesh
    Includes profile and photos.
  • Kawabata, Kouji
    Looking for nice girls, I want friendship and romance!
  • Kawada, David
  • Kawai, Hiroshi
    Links to shogi, sake, Japanese news and national and international motor sports.
  • Kawano, Brian - The Hentai Elite
  • Kazakia, Jacob
    Personal information.
  • Kazi, Zunaid
  • Keal, Barry
    Family details, freemasonry, multiple sclerosis, bellringing, amateur (ham) radio.
  • Kearney, Kirsten
    A glimpse into her glamorous life. Contains pictures, links, personal information, and more.
  • Keast Family
  • Keating, Mark
  • Keating, Paul
    Includes links to Formula 1, Irish Lottery, email games, and celebrity photo sites. Also offers party pictures and biographical information.
  • Keck, Erin
    If you are unsatisfied with this site, you may return the unused portion for a full refund.
  • Keefe
  • Keegan, John
    School teacher's site includes resume and many science fiction links.
  • Keelan Family
    Genealogical information. links to Irish and other interesting sites.
  • Keener, Craig L.
    Pictures and personal information relating to family, friends, and hobbies, as well as a resume.
  • Keeney, Buddy
    Buttons, a comment form, and a wavin' alien.
  • KeepOFFtheGrass
    Offers the ramblings of a web based idiot and the chance to download Revoloids and Revoloids 2.
  • Kehoe, Brendan
    Author of the Zen and the Art of the Internet.
  • Kei
    Offers a personal view of life in Japan and instructions on how to make a Santa Claus with a piece of paper.
  • Keiper, Alan
    The home page of my family including the adventures of the globe touring son, the adventures of BagHead, and general information of the regular insane happening of the family and dogs.
  • Keith, Damien
    Looking for interesting art on the Internet? Check out some of my painting on my homepage and tell me what you think.
  • Keith, Jason
  • Keith, Ray
  • Kejriwal, Sandeep
    Blog site featuring entrepreneurial articles, food and wine articles, quotes, and more.
  • Kelleher, Kevin
    Includes resume, FAU sports, and information for public announcers.
  • Kelleher, Susan
  • Keller, Andrew
  • Keller, John - Chez John
    The life and times of an American expatriate in Paris: My Life as a Frog.
  • Keller, Jost - Spoontoons
    Spicy comics and animation.
  • Keller, Kathryn Elizabeth
    Drew Keller and Leanne Bunas invite you to meet Kathryn Elizabeth Keller.
  • Keller, Peter
    Attorney at law, MBA, special interests: Latin America.
  • Kelley, J.F., Ph.D., CPE
    My personal webpage. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Kelley, Jim
  • Kellogg, Brian
    Welcome to my Home page. AHS
  • Kellstrand, Michael
    Includes information on his Corvairs, wine labels, drinks, links, and more.
  • Kelly, Edith
    Links and information for Spanish teachers and students.
  • Kelly, Elly Jelly - Spoonland
    Features poems and a weekly electronic text.
  • Kelly, Kenziepeop
  • Kelly, Scott
    Pictures of friends, co-workers, and bass.
  • Kelly, Sean
    Features personal information, writings, and lists contents of his personal music and video game collections.
  • Kelly, T.J.
  • Kelsey, Mavis
    A great page for both color and b&w photography. a place for all fans of Robert Earl Keen and people who like to hunt and fly fish.
  • Kempe, Jan
    An online virtual ancient history museum project; seeking/promoting info on ancient civilizations including China, Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages.
  • Kempter, Paul
  • Ken McLarnon
    Offers links to help students at North Penn High School and also presents family information and photos.
  • Ken, Wong
    Site full of secret links, please visit.
  • Kendall, Chris
  • Kendall, Neal
    Check out my webpage for info on Midwest Renegade Wrestling, 80's stuff, TV shows like Mama's Family and Fight Back, and classic video games.
  • Kendall, Stacey
    Check out the random thoughts and interests of a UMass college student.
  • Kendrick, Bill
    Collection of humor files, play my many free online games, download free software, check out my other cool free web creations.
  • Kennedy, Eric (
    Includes links to techno/rave sites.
  • Kennedy, Tim
    Hot sauce recipe, Casesfor computers and electronic equipment.
  • Kennedy, Vinny
    Features cool links all over the net.
  • Kensmark, Lars
    Home page
  • Kent's Ultimate
  • Kenya Cowboys
    Site for John Coyne and his friends who lived and went to school together in Kenya in the 80s.
  • Kenyota, Gregory
  • Kerley, Lisa
    Features pictures and personal information.
  • Kern, Aaron
    Includes personal insight on the tsunami relief mission in Thailand.
  • Kernop, Cory
    New and updated WAV sounds for your listining pleasure.
  • Kerpelman, Todd
    Sorta-weekly humor column, personal information, superfluous exclamation points, and more.
  • Kerry, Lee
    Lifes utter consistency Is composed of Inner-Mind Life is the only real me Whose name I've seldom signed
  • Kertajaya, Mulyono
    Includes profile, resume, and pictures.
  • Kerton, Derek - My Life, My Links
    Links to various members of the Kerton Family from Southern Ontario, Canada. Aztex, Robert Kerton, and Elizabeth Hudson.
  • Kerton, Paul - World of Web
  • Keshishoglou, Elias
  • Kessel, Bob
  • Kesselman, Jeremy
    Home page of Jeremy Kesselman, the oboist faturing his biography, press releases, and related links.
  • Kessels, Sander
    Site with the emphasis on design; you can play puzzles, audio-cd's, see a fashion show, download fonts, download screen savers, etc.
  • Kessler, Kyle
  • Kessler, Louis
  • Kessler, Michelle
    Bio, resume, and writing samples.
  • Ketabchi, M.Reza
  • Keteldijk, Delano
    Islam information.
  • Ketola, Mikko - Mikko Ketola's lair
    My life and times.
  • Keuning, Marjolein
    Flash homepage, in Dutch.
  • Kevin
    Contains list web resources for Koreans living in Dallas.
  • Kevin []
    Metallica lyrics, chick pics and more.
  • Kevin and Lisa's World
    Includes photos, resumes, and links.
  • Kevin Yu -
    Asian American USC student devoted to graphics, life words, alpha tau omega, with lots of pictures of friends and cali living.
  • Kevin's Page
    All about me - with links to friends, cool & gay teen sites.
  • Kevles, Beth
    Includes information about her family, creative writing, and K12 education.
  • Kewell, Dave & Julie
    Star Trek, link pages, and dissertations on microbiology and molecular biology.
  • Keyes, Diane and Michael
    Their online resumes and a link to their Keyesklan page.
  • Khaimovich, Leon
    Researcher in the area of modeling emotional and cognitive dynamics of collaborative problem solving.
  • Khalil, Mohammed Nadeem (funkysmile)
    Includes photos, information, portfolio, work samples, and web design/graphic techniques.
  • Khan , Ashar
  • Khan, Khurram
    Splash yourself into...Khurram's World!
  • Khanna, Sorab
  • KhanSameen, Sameen
    I am a final year PhD student working towards a "Quantum Theory of Charged Particle Beams", with Professor R Jagannathan.
  • Khare Family
    Features pictures of Shree, Anjali, Nikhil, Vikram, and Annika.
  • Khatu, Devesh
  • Kheng, Michael
  • Kho, Kwang Kiang - The Kool Kat's Lair
  • Khoo, Seow Kiang
    Includes Internet tools.
  • Khoury, Jonathan
    War of 1812, Dentist, Oxygen, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Ben & Jerry's.
  • Khurram
    Contains cool links, and pictures of family and friends.
  • kia.
    Sketchbook, burning man photos, looking in the mirror, and more.
  • Kibodeaux, Nigel
    Features songs from oatmeal, many moods of Suzy, and more.
  • Kidd, David - The Confessional
    Visit Liverpool's very own confessions site, and own up to those embarrassing record purchases. Plus links to Intermission, and Empire Web.
  • Kiechle Family
    Living in Valbonne, France.
  • Kiefer, Alex - Vasator's World
    Truespace gallery and Star Trek VRML.
  • Kiely, Chris
    Into Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, Puff Daddy, swimming, animals, and more.
  • Kilgore, Uriah
  • Kilgour, Anita
    Just a simple home page with links to things and people I find neat.
  • Kill The Goat
    Blog by Jay from Toronto, Ontario. She writes, "I have a clear conscience because I have a bad memory. The martinis help."
  • Killer
    Features clips from music videos and the Simpsons.
  • Killian, Asher - The Impractical Spiritual Ramblings of an Overburdened Student
    Collection of thoughts, philosophy, pictures, daily updates, quotes, and an ADVANCE page.
  • Killianey Clan
    A businessman, a nurse, an actor, and a musician.
  • Kilmarx, John
    Including Dorset Eskimo archaeological research in Newfoundland.
  • Kim, Christine
    Postmodern exploration of anime, coffee, and nootropicalia from a Williams College student.
  • Kim, Dennis
  • Kim, Derek D.
    Korean-born actor and producer. Includes biography, pictures, acting tips, and more.
  • Kim, Edward - EDK's PsychoPharm
    Stories, pics, reviews, lit stuff, scrawlings, and other shrapnel for the brain.
  • Kim, Eric
    Live pictures, current news, commentary on world events, sports, gambling, art gallery, weather, and entertanment news.
  • Kim, Guinyun
    Includes links to nuclear and high energy physics sites.
  • Kim, Hoon
    Try out my homepage! It's pretty cool. Also join my Descent Club. There's also cheat codes for Descent I and Descent II!
  • Kim, Jason
    Images, writings, etc.
  • Kim, Jin
    Includes self specification, hot links and a large section for OS/2 users.
  • Kim, Jong Woo
    Provides personal fashion works, my resume, and my interests.
  • Kim, Kiwoong
  • Kim, Min
    Links to movie ratings page.
  • Kim, Sail - U'resick Park
  • Kim, Thomas
    Includes art, music, poetry, and photographs.
  • Kim's Webpage
    Backpack through Europe using hostels and budget hotels. Site includes packing lists, currency converter, hostel directory, tips, and related links.
  • Kimba
    The life and times of a Boston babydyke.
  • Kimberly Powell
    Photos, ZDU, and genealogy links.
  • Kimm Family, The
    Keeping friends and relatives up to date with the family activities.
  • Kinder, Rose Marie
    Provides professional teaching information and links.
  • King David
    Includes info and photos from my recent trip to Israel and Jordan, info on ancient King David, links, and more.
  • King Family
    Pages for John, Lorna, Bradley, and more.
  • King, A.Q. (Tony)
  • King, Brent
    Expert Systems and AI resources.
  • King, Carl
    A great site to visit to get your latest NASCAR info. Also other sites to visit etc.
  • King, Geff
  • King, Jacob - Slash 3
  • King, Kevin
    His imagination on the net.
  • King, Mary-Suzanne
  • King, Mike
    My home page has links for guitarists, computer users, humor, and also has my interactive resume and some other useful pages.
  • King, RD
    Includes digital collages, painting, poetry, and DOS art.
  • King, Steven - Skavoovie
    Personal web site containing useful anti-spam IT research tools, public PGP key, recommended links, webcam, and some other tools.
  • Kingdom of Arne Jacob
    Features photos and links to bicycle information, maintenance, tool tips, and things for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Kinghorn Family
    Introducing farm life in Scotland, Connecticut. Hobbies, herbs, woodworking, gardening, recipes, and pet stories are shared.
  • Kingsley Family
    Members include Dana, Darlene, Nickolas, Bradley, Tyler, and last but not least, Iggy.
  • Kingsmill, Tom
    Movies, cartoons, music, wwf, links and other crap.
  • Kingston, Matthew J.
    About library science and web design.
  • Kini, Dinesh
  • Kinney, Brian
    Includes resume and photos from extensive travels in Europe.
  • Kinney, Thomas
    Senior at Miami U. of Ohio. Cool links to Hispanic pages ranging from pics to RealAudio in Spanish.
  • Kinzel, Shawn - Mystic Metaphysicals
  • Kirk, Katherine - *Texas Girl*
  • Kirk, Nana
  • Kirkhus, Helge
    Avid editor for a PBS station in Athens, Ohio. Includes resume and various Avid info.
  • Kirsch, Nicholas Montgomery
  • Kirsch, Nick
  • Kirschenbaum, Matthew
    Department of English, UVa. Links to online teaching and research.
  • Kirstie's Gothsite
    Photos, poetry, and a cutegoths gallery.
  • Kirsty's World
    Contains music links, interactive eight ball, and pictures.
  • Kiscadens, Paul
    Personal info, photos and links.
  • Kishek, Rami
    The cyberworld of Rami Kishek. Music, poetry, Star Trek, and other interests.
  • Kiss, Mikl?s
    It's about me. I'm an artist and I do stuff that you can look at.
  • Kissell, Joe
    Geek for all seasons offering views on technology, spirituality, books, chocolate chip cookies, and more.
  • Kitchener, Paul 'Homme' - Hommes Lads
    Includes weird links, let Sam try to pull you, get some love tips from Georgio and meet your new God.
  • Kitchens, Gavin
    Resume and caving and travel information.
  • Kitching, David
    Includes distribution data, maps, flight periods and photographs for all species of Odonata gragonflies found in the county of Cheshire.
  • Kite, Benjamin -
    Colgate-Palmolive attempted to seize control and ownership of this domain.
    Nikita Kashner is a 22 year old girl from Perth who spends her time blogging and trying to stop the little red monkey from taking over the world. So far, she's stopped him 37 times.
  • Kitten Goddess' Domain, The
    Includes origional art and writing.
  • Kivilahti-Korva, T.
  • Kiwi White
    Includes articles, announcements, and insights into the philosophy of Kiwi White.
  • Kiwi, Vanessa - My Mind
    Short personal history, virtual diary, links to friends' sites, and a purity test.
  • Klaas, Kelly
    Links to interesting places including the Polly Klaas murder trial update.
  • Klasse, Chrissie
    Info on Journeyman games, eating disorders, and more.
  • Klaver, Marie-Jose
    Personal homepage of Dutch Internetjournalist.
    Site for family and friends of the Kleckners. Includes pictures, genealogy, funnies, music, and more.
  • Klein, Adam
    Hey... it's my home page. If you don't like it, don't look at it.
  • Klein, Becca
    My Appletree. Writings include poetry, stories, and journal.
  • Klein, Howie
  • Klein, Yedidia
    Look at it - it's a nice home page.
  • Klein, Zachary
    Includes biography, writing, photography, and projects.
  • Kleinart, Shawn
    Hopefully entertaining. If you want to know, you can find it here.
  • Kleiner, David
    Heard on Dr. Demento, lists songs, lyrics, and artwork from his 2 CDs. Also NJ diner review of the week
  • Kleinmans, The
  • Kleinstein, Steven
  • Klemetti, Erik - Disco 2000
    More fun than Reaganomics, yet less filling than a pie in the face. If you enjoy Kung Fu and Brazil, this is not your page...this page is 100% brazilian kung fu free.
  • Kliewer, Mark
    Includes wav sound files of South Park, guitar tab and Smashing Pumpkins pictures and tab.
  • Klimoff, Timo - NOA's Ark
    William Blake, radiosporting, ham radio links.
  • Kline, Courtney
    Interests, photo album, and favorite links.
  • Kline, John
    Photographic portfolio, family album, interests, and favorite links.
  • Klingon Stud
    Offers bio of composer Nobuo Uematsu, discography, video game music, and score sheets.
  • Klint, Gunnar
  • Klippel Review
    Features pictures, scribble wall, and links of interest.
  • Kloboucek, Roland
    Personal information as well as video, sounds, and multimedia of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, and more.
  • Kloepping, Dennis and Karolyn
    Personal homepage of Dennis, Karolyn, and Kyle Kloepping.
  • Klucznik Family
    Information regarding our newest family member, Littlestown, ALS, Amyotrohic Lateral Sclerosis, Atocha, o32 design.
  • Kluge, Joseph Brad
    Working on film, broadcast & industrial projects.
  • Kmetz, Tracy
    Photos from the City to Surf race in Sydney, Australia, and links to sponsor pages.
  • Knab, Terry
    Transcripts of Barry Mitchell's greatest Polkas
  • Knaffl, Bill
    Personal history as a baseball umpire, photos, stories, and links to baseball related sites.
  • Knapp, Glenn
    Offers free educational training to programming languages, including Java and HTML at the University level.
  • Knappenberger, Tim - Knappenberger Family
    The Knappenberger Family Home Page
  • Knappett, Ty
  • Knauer Family
    Includes family biographies, photos, and other information.
  • Knauss, Greg
  • Knebel, Mike
    Computer programming info, and after-hours computer consulting.
  • Knehans, Douglas
  • Kneis, Philipp -
    Dedicated to science fiction, horror, philosophy, cultural studies, and poetry.
  • Knickerbocker, Glenn
    Learn the bizarre secrets of Not R! Find out about the award-winning Kartuli Ensemble! Hobnob with many Bobs! Good Luck!
  • Knight Family
    Henry, Trish, and Trish Anne welcome you to their site for family news, pictures, new events, and sermons.
  • Knight, Tom []
    Online and multimedia technologies specialist and former columnist at Scotland on Sunday. Archived articles available.
  • Knipe, Bob - Secaucus BMX
  • Knipschild, Keith
  • Knobl, Geoff
  • Knobl, Geoffrey
    My personal home page - updated every few months with the goings on of my life, a few neat web links, and some humor.
  • Knoll, Steven
    The life of a teenage male.
  • Knollenberg, Greg - Greg's Good Gpages
    Interactive e-zine, web publishing help, virtual places stuff, writers and editors section and more.
  • Knopf, Richard
    The award-losing WebPort contains links, links, and more links! Great sites for Macintosh users.
  • Knopfler, David
  • Knotzer, Tom
    Includes a police patch collection and links.
  • Knowles, Doug
    Pictures, professional life, and interests.
  • Knowles, Kate
    Personal photographs from school, camp, and travel.
  • Knowles, Lauren Charlotte
    Includes pictures, diary, newsletter, and more.
  • Knowles, Thomas - Welcome to the Wild West Show
    Professional author's page with excerpts, art, photos, bios and links.
  • Knuth, Elizabeth T.
    Links to Christian literature, humor, music, and of course, the obligatory computing and Web stuff.
  • Ko, Don
    Lots of Bills info, along with some links for the Simpsons, Star Wars, Packers and the Sabres.
  • Ko, James
  • Ko, Richard
    The Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX performance modifications as well as links to the best basketball and video game sites. Includes cool pictures too!
  • Kobleur
    For Kobleur family members, and members of related families(Arp, Verrett, Kobler, Faivre, Pickle, Weber, and more), to exchange information.
  • Koch, Lori
    Gimpy 314.
  • Koch, Scott
    Photo album of family and friends.
  • Koch, William
    Me, my tattoos and some of my favorite sites.
  • Kocher, Konrad
    Contains important information and links to find interesting places in the Internet.
  • Kochmar, Natalie - The Toaster Child Page
    "a safe breadbox in which to loaf."
  • Koegpage
    Frank, Lori and little eric Koegler share pictures and information about their vacations and interests.
  • Koenig, Cathy
    Catholic stuff, homeschooling info, and reunion links.
  • Koenig, Lon
    Consulting on all aspects of web site implementation; from design, to hardware, software, support, and marketing.
  • Kogawa, Tetsuo - Polymorphous Media
    This is a media experimant site of Tetsuo Kogawa: from micro radio to VRML.
  • Kogure, Kazuhiro - The Rotary Graffiti
    MAZDA RX-7 and the Rotary Engine.
  • Koh, Ben
    Location in Perth, Western Australia
  • Koharazawa Family
    Hiroshi, Nobue and Momoka. Visit our home.
  • Kohers, Gerald
    Home Page for Gerald Kohers - Sam Houston State University (SHSU)
  • Kohler, Chris
  • Kohler, Joel
    Cats, fish, birds, frogs, cross-stitch, broadswords, weirdos -- what more could you want?
  • Kohli, Rajeev
    Tread carefully.
  • Kokturk, Gulden
  • Kolb, Garry - The Kolb Family
    The Kolb Family of Holt, Michigan. Garry, Arlona, Miranda & Alex.
  • Kolbinger, Clay - Clay's Skankin Page
    Punk, ska, movies, books, and more.
  • Kolk, Bill
  • Kolovos, Ivan
    Features photographs.
  • Kolsky, Barry - The Kolsky Experience
    The Trip Begins!
  • Komejan, Jack
    Recent family events, photos, etc.
    Brought to you by Timur Ruban and friends.
  • Kommune, ?l
    In Norwegian.
  • Kongshem, Lars
    Education technology writer, editor, and web developer.
  • Konopinski, Chuck
  • Konopinski, Nathan
  • Konopnicki, Camille
    My name is Camille and I'm from the San Francisco Bay area. I'm in the 7th grade.
  • Konrath, Jon
  • Konstantinou, Georgia
    Includes his work, Curriculum Vitae, and favorite links.
  • Kopcik, Martin
    Includes images of friends and landscapes.
  • Kopec, Greg
    Your link to family oriented fun! Jennifer's Advice corner, MIDI files, Humor, Children's Pages, Writers get to add their two cents worth! Pet's Pages!
  • Kopff, Heather, Derick & Erick
    The Internet Home of the Kopff Family - sites, family news, family tree/genealogy and other items.
  • Korandanis, James
    Rancid page with lyrics and pics.
  • Korb, Larry - Orb of Korb
    Contains personal/family pictures, links, and comments on favorite music, sports, and books.
  • Kordahl, Bj?rn & Kaffegjengen
  • Koreisha, Sergiok
    Wide range of interesting & provocative links
  • Koren, Ga per - Padalsko-gorni ka stran
    Oglejte si mojo padalsko in gorni ko doma?o stran. Vsak dan kaj novega!
  • korenman, alicia - Alicia's Groovy
    This is a page o' funky useless links. enjoy!
  • Kori's Page of Worthless Junk
    Includes personal pictures, anime, gothic comics, original artworks and more.
  • Korneliussen, Tommy
  • Korslund, Al
    Not much here yet, but if you play yourself,!
  • Korte, Brian
    Online community centered around my friends, family, and trusted guests.
  • Korz, Sheila
    Includes poems, Halloween humor, trivia, and links.
  • Kosaka, Moritaka
    Summaries about some research results of personality hardiness, Japanese war orphans, etc.
  • Kosary, Christy - Krashsite
  • Kosnik, David
    Dedicated to wombats, sheep, and Spam.
  • Koss, Mike
  • Kossowsky, Joey
    My homepage made by me. Check it out!
  • Kostecki, Jedrzej
    A portal into Jedrzej's mind.
  • Kostenko, John
    A gallery of my 35mm photographs taken in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. These images may be downloaded in JPEG format.
  • Koster, Bas
    Karting information.
  • Koster, Steven
  • Kostromin, Dennis - Sir Kostroman's Castle
    ...once thee like fantasy, heavy metal bard music, and games then my castle gates are opened for thee.
  • Kota, Sadanand
    Includes a bio, resume, school information, and more.
  • Kothari, Sohil
  • Kotlinski, Andy
    Includes pictures of my friends.
  • Kotnowski, Betty
    Photo gallery of travel.
  • Kottke, Jason
    Notes and episodes.
  • Kotun, Edward
    Lists interests in genealogy, Carpatho-Ruthenian or Rusyn ancestry, studying Russian, and semi- retired shipping agent .
  • Koul, Salman
    Latvian from Riga.
  • Kovash Family
  • Kr?mer, Sylke and Roham Edwards
    Enjoying life in the Netherlands! Please come and find out about our names, our favourite recipes and, of course, us!
  • Krackenberger, Richard - Genealogy Page
    Searching for information on Krackenberger, Henley, Ballard, Hauersperger, Downs, Taylor, Daeger, Vogel, Hubbell, Chasteen, Clark, Bischoff, Longacre, Maschino, Vawter, Pottenger.
  • Krag, Eskil
    Features resum?, bio, and pictures from Arizona, Southern California, and Utah.
  • Krahe, Bill
    Great links. graphics, java!
  • Krahn, Laurel
    Laurel's Virtual Home features links on a variety of subjects, net guides, authors pages, the Flash Girls mailing list, and other Cool Stuff.
  • Kramer, Colin - Kramer World
    YME band, rock and roll music, percussion equipment.
  • Kramer, Jouke
    Mostly fun, some personal information and nice links.
  • Kramer, Kenny
    Official site of Kenny Kramer, "The real Kramer," on whom Michael Richards' character from Seinfeld is based.
  • Kraning, Carrie
    Resume and personal links of interest.
  • Krantz, Larry
    A personal homepage dedicated to classical flute related topics. Contains articles, comments, and some technical studies designed for flute players.
  • Kranz, Ronald
    BMW motorcycles and Pittsburgh info.
  • Kraske, Rick - Point of No Point
    Hello net-cruisers with plenty of free time. I'm an RN with a BSN from UNLV. Last year I left Las Vegas for the more extreme climate of the Twin Cities.
  • Krasner Family
    Set up to explore Messianic Judaism and our family tree.
  • Krawczyk, Jack and Karen
    Jack is an audio supervisor at the British Broadcasting Corporation and Karen a speech and language therapist in Manchester England.
  • Krazy1
    Family photo album, recipes, restaurants listings for Dallas and for the Louisiana tourist.
  • Kreft, Dan - The Kreft Net
    Features a collection of stories written while playing basketball for Northwestern University in the Big Ten Conference.
  • Kreger, Betsy - Betsy's Mad Hatter
    Get to know me and my passion for hats.
  • Kreibohm, Stefan
    Berlin-Weather, Berlin-Info CD-ROM "Clouds Painting-History", "Weather and Flying" and new Meteorology Calendar for 1996, and Fun and more...
  • Kreitz, Linda - The Linker
  • Krell, Tim []
    Planes, travel, writing, and more.
  • Kremer, Frank and Becky
  • Kremer's Stuff
    Home of Steve Kremer's funny pictures, humor, true stories, and things found on the Web.
  • Krez, Scott
    Photos of fish, friends, and family.
  • Kriewaldt, Roland
    Testing the durability of your reality, unobstructing the path to happiness, and helping people to live intentionally.
  • Krimsky, Sheldon
  • Kris Dickson and Family
    Contains family pictures for the Dickson family.
  • Krisbee
    Starting off place of all of Krisbee; his loves, passions, quirks, hates, perhaps even smells.
  • Kriscunas Family
  • Krishnamachari, Santhana
  • Krishnamurthy Sharma, Reshma
    Blog and personal website of Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma, radio jockey and freelance writer.
  • Krishnan, Arun - Cutting Chai
    New York resident dedicated to the path of moderation. Features articles, blog, and political essays.
  • Kristense, Finn Gr?nne
  • Kristenson, Adam
    Links for Pinky and the Brain.
  • Kristi - Page of Completely Pointless Stuff
    Deep space pics, space trivia, Star Trek stuff, Beavis and Butt-Head stuff and more.
  • Kristi - wayward random
    Featuring a travelogue about my trip to Japan, an interactive novel, celebrity morphing game, name that movie soundtrack, and new stuff added constantly.
  • Kriston, Amy & Francis
    Jokes, photographs and information about the state of Maryland.
  • Krists Inferno
    Web-zine displaying different views on subjects in a journal type form.
  • Kristula, Dave
    Some wacky humor pages including the top 10 stupidest lists collection! Fun for the whole family!
  • Kristy - Heaven's Gate
    Talks about God, her life, and current events.
  • Krohn Family
    Includes family information, contacts, and nature and travel photographs from around the world.
  • Kronberg - House of Kronberg
    Includes history and links to family members.
  • Kronschnabel, Chuck - Kronschnabel, Chuck and Bevo
    Visit the Kronderosa Ranch in the coast range mountains of Oregon.
  • Krooswyk, Tim - Cyberhome
    Includes information about Trinity Christian College, Marvin the Martian, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and links.
  • Kropko, Scott
    Contains resume, pictures, links, and more.
  • Kruck Family
  • Kruger, Dieter
  • Kruger, Grant - South Africans Abroad
    A collection of resources and information covering all aspects of life overseas for South Africans.
  • Krugman, Jack
    Offers discussion on time and its varied applications.
  • Krystal
  • Kuan Ming Keong
    Includes biostatistics, resume, and links.
  • Kuan Peng, Tan
  • Kubinak Family
  • Kubosch, Turid and Sigurd
  • Kucharczyk Family
    Ilona, Jim, Liz, Chris, Mike, and Lexie from Connecticut.
  • Kudriawcew, Rafal
  • Kuebler, Rob
    Information on anime, Pok?mon, RPGs, and more.
  • Kueck, Brian
    Includes web, film, and art portfolios as well as personal info, photos, and a how-to guide to building web sites.
  • Kuehl, Alan L.
    Aid Association for Lutherans representative; includes humor, weather info, business stuff and more.
  • Kuehn, Chris
  • Kugler, Ralph L. - Research Page
    Scanning electron micrographs of clay minerals and links to geological resources
  • Kujath, Jeffrey J.
    Includes: games, movies, reviews, java and more.
  • Kuko's World
    With music, cars, women, and life
  • Kulas, Craig - Aramco Brats Now & Then
    Includes photos and links.
  • Kulasingam, Katha
    Contains personal info, resume and info about India.
  • Kulkarni, Anuradha Sameer
    Scholar of Indian classical music shares information on thaats and raagas suggested in visharad. Site in Hindi.
  • Kulkmanns Gamebox
    Contains reviews of new and old German and English boardgames plus specials on Tolkien boardgames and Games Workshop.
  • Kulp, Jeffrey - Jeff's Rambling of Nothingness
    Drum and entertainment links, quotes, even a web-site help page.
  • Kumar, Amit - The Hutt that Jabba Built
  • Kumar, Arun
    Interests include visual arts, writing, science, and mathematics. Includes a picture book and photos of flowers.
  • Kumar, Ashwin
    Contains info on Tamil, Chennai, and India.
  • Kumar, C.P.
    Scientist working at National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee.
  • Kumar, Manoj
    Information on New Delhi, India and Hinduism.
  • Kumar, Navin
    Features computer engineering resume and personal information.
  • Kumar, Nishant
    Provides links for cricket, basketball, soccer, and more.
  • Kumar, Rahul
    Provides personal information, utilities, graphics created using KPT Bryce & Dabbler, and my research interests.
  • Kumar, V. Senthil
    Includes personal information, poems, and jokes.
  • Kumar, Vinod - Chandigarh
    Contains biography, photos, and family information.
  • Kumaravel, Seenivasan
    Features profile, family, friends, interests, and pictures.
  • Kumon, Ronald
    Doctoral Candidate/Research Scientist Assistant Department of Physics University of Texas at Austin
  • Kun Family
    Includes a hex palette for selecting color for background, links and text.
  • Kungs, Alexander
    Group 25 model car club, car racing info.
  • Kunisch, Blake - Cineman
    Featuring movie reviews, South Park and more.
  • Kunst, Dave
    Details of the first verified walk around Earth.
  • Kuo, Michael
    Michael Kuo's Homepage. Social Justice links, links for students, teachers, amateur mycology.
  • Kuronen, Juha
  • Kurrein, Martin
    Information about me, Morgan Car Racing, wine, food, and travel.
  • Kurtz, John
    This is my web page, covering my interests in juggling, humor, baseball, water polo, and links to TONS of pages that I like.
  • Kusch, Kyle
    Documenting the life of a boring British Columbian, as well as his hoser friends.
  • Kusio, Tom - Misio
    Features news section, sound clips, links and software reviews.
  • Kusmierski-Singer
    Fine art, paintings, illustration, graphic design, Scottish Terrier, and more.
  • Kustra Family
    We're researching our family history for the surnames: Kustra, Kantarik, Chudosky, Adamik, Novotny, Kisel.
  • Kusumo, Barry
    Cool links and graphics.
  • Kuzmenko, Kim
    A hag in cyberspace.
  • Kvanes, ?yvind
    P? denne siden finner du stoff om Speider og H?ndball (KIF).
  • Kwan Ho Wai Henry
  • Kwatsha, Siviwe
  • Kwiecien, Radek
    Beer labels collectors.
  • Kyler, Ken
    Oriented towards whitewater kayaking. Includes my journal (w/ pictures) of my May '95 kayaking trip through the Grand Canyon. Also collecting genealogy information on the "Kyler" family.
  • Kylie's Home Page
    Includes pics of family, cars, and dogs.

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