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  • Kabalarian Philosophy
    Promotes the study of mathematics and language as the two basic laws of life. Also offers name reports to see if your name fits your personality.
  • What's in Your Name?
    Name analysis service.
  • Name Statistics
    How popular are your first and last names? Find out here.
  • My Hebrew Name
    Look up your name and get a GIF image of the proper Hebrew spelling and pronunciation key.
  • Find Out Your Hawaiian Name
    Do you have a Hawaiian name? Type your name in the box to see if there's a Hawaiian name translation.
  • Name Site, The
    Source for African personal names, listed complete with meaning and correct pronounciation.
  • Frequently Occurring Names in America
    From the Census Bureau
    Links name sites, for people and places.
  • Give Me a
    Aaron Schwarz wants a new name and he's willing to pay $25,000 for it.
  • All Things William
    Collection of quotes by famous people named William, from Shakespeare to Billy Graham. Also includes trivia and facts about Williams in history.
  • Map Your Name
    Shows on a map the popularity of personal names and family names in the USA, Europe, or Australia.
  • Name Street USA
    Search from over 50,000 names, including meaning, origin, derivations, and other characteristics.
  • Insight With Vangelis: Names and their Meanings
    Lists Christian names, their origins and meanings, and the characteristics traditionally associated with them.
  • One-Named People
    Compendium of individuals with only one name.
  • First Name Basis
    First name list, rather than a surname list. E-mail links to researchers seeking roots on a first name basis.
  • Stardust Mission Microchips
    Names are on a microchip inside the Stardust Mission sample return capsule. See whose names are traveling to a comet and back!
  • Island Trips: Arab Names
    Brief overview of Arabic naming convention and regional variations.

Society and Culture > Names

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