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  • MyHeritage
    Family network to find other family members, share, explore, and preserve their heritage. Also offers face recognition for your photos and family tree.
  • Face Recognition
    Information portal for students and researchers in facial recognition. Find research groups, new papers, databases and datasets, recognition algorithms, conferences, and books about facial matching technology.
  • Wikipedia: Facial Recognition System
    Overview of computerized facial recognition systems, used to automatically identify a person from a digital image. Discusses popular facial recognition algorithms, and current experiments in the technology by casinos and law enforcement.
    Face recognition for the masses. scans all of your facebook photos, recognizes all of the faces in them, and then automatically tags them.
  • Face Recognition Vendor Test
    Independent government evaluations of commercial face recognition technologies. See the results of yearly computerized facial recognition competitions from 2000 on.
  • Face Detection
    Information about facial recognition technology and the task of detecting faces within images. With links to technical explanations, facial recognition software, adn datasets. By Dr. Robert Frischholz.
  • Betaface: Face Detection and Face Recognition
    Live demo of face recognition software from Betaface. Upload a facial image to see it analyzed by the system. In English, Russian, and Polish.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Facial Recognition Systems Work
    Explains the basis and techniques used by facial recognition software to automatically identify a face in a crowd. Also discusses how facial recognition technology is being used in elections and criminal investigations.
  • Your Face Is Not a Bar Code
    Arguments against automatic face recognition and the use of facial recognition software in public places. By Phil Agre.
  • Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Robotics Institute Face Group
    Research group at Carnegie Mellon Universtiy investigating the perception and understanding of human faces. Find out about facial recognition, facial feature tracking, facial expression analysis, and other projects.
  • Libface Project
    Aims to develop an open-source, cross-platform library of facial recognition algorithms, beginning with the eigenface method.
  • Forensic Facial Recognition Systems
    Are privacy rights of citizens being eroded wholesale? This article discusses the implications of biometric facial recognition technology for our daily lives. By Angela Jarvis.
  • Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms
    Resources for researchers develoing facial recognition algorithms. Provides a standard set of algorithms for comparison, as well as research papers in human identification technology.
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC): Face Recognition Information Page
    News, action items, and resources on facial recognition software from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. With a roundup of media coverage, and links to research and policy papers about the technology.
  • Mathematics of Face Recognition, The
    Overview of the science behind facial recognition technology, in which computerized systems are trained to match faces in a crowd with images in a database. From the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
  • MIT Media Lab: Face Recognition Demo Page
    Online demos of facial recognition software from an automatic system built by the MIT Media Laboratory, with diagrams and step-by-step explanations.
  • Super Bowl Surveillance: Facing Up to Biometrics
    Report examining the potential use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement or counterterrorism. In PDF format.

Biometrics > Facial Recognition Systems

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