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    Urges artists and consumers to boycott the Recording Industry Association of America and its members by supporting independent music.
  • Iams@
    Provides consumer opinion sites about Iams' business practices and animal testing policies.
  • Kentucky Fried Cruelty
    PETA's campaign asking KFC to protect its farmed chickens from alleged abuse and neglect.
  • Boycott Amazon!
    Believes that it's using its patent on "the idea that your command in a web browser to buy a certain item can carry along information about your identity" to threaten and restrict other web sites.
  • Premarin (3)
  • Boycott Gillette
    Claims that the Gillette company use RFID spy chips in their packaging.
    Organizer of the European Telecommunications Boycott, June 6, 1999, which calls for a flat rate telecom billing to lower the costs of getting on the Net.
  • Procter and Gamble Boycott
    Objecting to the P&G laboratory's animal testing practices which includes applying caustic chemicals into the eyes and on to the exposed skin of animals.
  • Boycott Delta
    Boycotting Delta Airlines for testing the CAPPS II passenger screening system.
  • Walt Disney Company (4)
  • Boycott Blockbuster
    On Blockbuster's policy of editing films.
  • Boycott Archive, The
    Provides information about company boycotts, past and present, with summaries, links, and news.
  • Intel
  • Nike@
  • Royal Dutch/Shell

Consumer Advocacy and Information > Boycotts

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