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Wildlife Gardening

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  • Backyard Wildlife Habitat [*]
    Official site from the National Wildlife Federation. Serves as guide for creating a thriving backyard wildlife habitat.
  • BBC Breathing Places
    Learn about Breathing Places, a major BBC learning campaign to inspire and motivate people to create and care for nature-friendly green spaces where they live.
  • WindStar Wildlife Institute
    Teaches people how to attract more wildlife to their property.
  • Backyard Wildlife
    Learn about landscaping for wildlife. Offers tips for attracting songbirds, hummingbirds, frogs, small mammals, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.
  • Space for Nature
    Wildlife gardening forum featuring galleries, news, and diaries for people who want to create a garden that will attract hoverflies, birds, and other important critters.
    Offering guidance on creating and maintaining a garden for wildlife conservation. Includes galleries, wildlife news, and more.
  • Space For Nature
    Garden biodiversity forum focusing on wildlife gardening and gardens. Space For Nature includes photo galleries of various birds, insects, and garden projects along with tops and reference links.
  • Garden Bench, The
    Devoted to backyard habitats and wildlife gardening. Shows how to create an attractive garden that can support and sustain wildlife.
  • Create a Backyard Habitat
    Points to sites that describe how to manipulate your yard into a garden that provides essential resources for different kinds of wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, small mammals, and other creatures.
  • Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening
    Guide to naturescaping: from gardening with native plants to attracting native wildlife to one's yard.
  • Wikipedia: Wildlife Gardening
    School of gardening that is aimed at creating an environment that is attractive to various forms of wildlife such as birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals, and so on.
  • West Virginia DNR: About Landscaping for Wildlife
    Features information about West Virginia Wild Yards Program as well as butterfly gardening, native plant sources, and providing habitat for birds.
  • Journey North: Unpave the Way for Wildlife
    Illustrates how creating backyard refuges can help people ensure that the annual migrations of birds and butterflies through their regions continue.
  • National Zoo: Wildlife Gardening
    Discusses how making small adjustments to your outdoor space will let you support wildlife.
  • GardenGuides: Gardening for Wildlife
    Article discussing how to plan a backyard habitat: providing water, shelter, and food.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Wildlife Gardens
    Directory of groups dedicated to creating wildlife, bird, and butterfly gardens. Also lists groups interested in gardening with native wildflowers.
  • Missouri Department of Conservation: Landscaping for Backyard Wildlife
    By providing sources of food, water, and cover, people can turn their yards into lively places full of songbirds, toads and frogs, butterflies, and other wildlife.

Wildlife Gardening

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