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  • Darwin Day
  • Holocaust Memorial Day UK
    Learn about Holocaust Memorial Day in the U.K., held annually on January 27th to commemorate victims of Nazi persecution. Find community events, lesson plans, and other educational resources.
  • World Space Week (1)
  • World Day of Prayer (1)
  • Astronomy Day (7)
    Learn about Astronomy Day, an annual event dedicated to bringing astronomy to the people. Find sites for clubs, science museums, observatories, planetariums, and nature centers hosting daytime and nighttime public education activities.
  • World Hello Day
    Held annually on November 21, World Hello Day celebrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. Participate by greeting ten people, sending a message to world leaders that communication settles conflicts better than force.
  • Intergeneration Day
    Learn about Intergeneration Day, held annually on the first Sunday in October to celebrate connections between people of all age groups. Covers the efforts to make the day a national holiday, and current thoughts on intergenerational issues.
  • Hindu New Year
    Includes information on how New Year is celebrated in different parts of India and outside.
  • National Iguana Awareness Day (NAID)
    Observed on the second Saturday in September, National Iguana Awareness Day aims to put a stop to impulse iguana buying and to see iguanas in captivity get better care. Includes iguana facts and event information.
  • Rosalia (3)
    Learn about Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo and Sicily. Sites offer biography, photos, and information about her feast day held the first Sunday of June each year.
  • Constitution Day
    Find facts and lesson plans about Constitution Day, the American holiday commemorating the signing of the United States Constitution. Observed on September 17th.
  • Interesting and Weird November Holidays
    Provides a long list list of holidays celebrated in November. Find information on popular holidays like Veteran's Day to not so well known ones like Aviation History Month, Kids' Goal Setting Week, and National Chicken Lady Day.
  • Holiday Games Ideas
    Site features holiday games, activities, ideas, and tips.
  • Sun-Earth Day (1)
    Learn about the annual space science event, held near the spring equinox, which teaches the public about the Sun-Earth connection. Find educational and interactive sites from NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum for present and past Sun-Earth Day celebrations.
  • Inti Raymi '98
    Facts about Inti Raymi, the most important holiday of the ancient Inca empire, celebrated June 24. With photos and history of the solstice festival, which marked the beginning of the Incan New Year.
  • John Muir Day
    Learn about John Muir Day, the U.S. holiday celebrated yearly on April 21st to honor naturalist and explorer John Muir. Includes links to lesson plans, news articles, and biographical facts about Muir.
  • World Book Day

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