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  • BBC: Cannibalism: A Modern Taboo
    Article includes summary of Armin Meiwes's case and examines the history of cannibalism.
  • Cannibalism: The Ancient Taboo in Modern Times
    Includes historical and psychological perspectives as well as the survival, criminal, sexual, and ritualistic motives of cannibalism.
  • Donner Party@
    Learn about Donner Party, the group of American settlers who, in the 1840s, resorted to cannibalism while emigrating to California. Sites offer background information, chronology, museum archives, pictures, maps of the journey, and film based on the fateful journey across Sierra Nevada.
  • Easter Island Cannibalism
    Looks at the notion that Easter Islander's ancestors were known as kai-tangata, man-eaters.
  • Franklin Trail: Cannibalism
    Includes pathological evidence that points to cannibalism having taken place during the Franklin Expedition.
  • Giving Cannibalism a Human Face
    Article on cannibalism from Exploration research journal.
  • Is Cannibalism a Religious Experience?
    Discusses cannibalism and gives background on the ritual of sacrificing a god or goddess and sharing his or her blood and body as a sacrament. Includes Biblical references.
  • Meiwes, Armin@
    Find sites about Armin Meiwes, the German who acheived notoriety as the Rotenburg Cannibal, after he killed and ate a man he met over the Internet. Sites include personal profile, background, pictures, case study, manslaughter sentence, and articles examining the cannibalism of the Metzgermeister or the Master Butcher, who killed Bernd J?rgen Brandes to eat him.
  • Occultopedia: Cannibalism
    Brief article explores the historical eating of human flesh by other humans.
  • Roadside America: Alferd Packer on the Cannibal Trail
    Story of a Colorado cannibal served time, was released, became a vegetarian.
  • Wikipedia: Cannibalism
    Article explores cannibalism, the taboo practice of humans eating other humans, also called anthropophagy.

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