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Korean Food and Drink

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  • About Kimchi
    Industry in Korea and research activities.
  • Life in Korea: Kimchi Spotlight
    Offers preparation, storing, and nutrition information. Also contains historical information.
  • RecipeSource: Korean Recipes
    With recipes of Kim Chee, Beef Bulgogi, and Hot Pot.
  • Materials of Kimchi
    Branches out beyond cabbage to a wide variety of kimchi possibilities including dropwort, leaf mustard, burdock, eggplant, and more.
  • Whole-cabbage Kimchi
  • Hot radish Kimchi
  • Whole-radish Kimchi
  • Oisobagi Kimchi
    Stuffed cucumber kimchi is one of the spicy cold dishes for a sunny summer day.
  • Radish and Root Kimchi
    Recipe uses daikon radish and burdock or gobo root.
  • Epicurious: Seoul Food
    Guide to Korean cuisine in the United States including recipes, glossary of essential ingredients, and a profile for chef Jenny Kwak.
  • Food for Sustenance and Thought: Kimchi
    Explores the origin and recipes of Kimchi.

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