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Baby Names

Ethnic Baby Names

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    Offers links to resources for choosing baby names, finding name origins, and software for naming babies.
  • 20,000 Names From Around the World
    Sortable by gender and origin, including Arthurian legend, Nahuatl, and Norse names.
    Includes weekly lists of baby names, top 20 baby names, as well as general parenting information.
  • ABC Baby Names
    Index of baby names, plus naming tips.
  • Baby Names
    Includes the top 1,000 baby boy and baby girl names, as well as a baby name search with meanings.
    Offers a list of the most popular baby girl and boy names and their meanings.
  • Alfabette Zoope
    Includes multi-cultural and unusual names.
  • Alternative Baby Names
    Includes unusual baby names for boys and girls, cowboy names, celebrity names, and other unique names and their meanings.
  • Babies Online: Baby Names
    Includes thousands of girl and boy baby names to search or browse, including the most popular names for the past 100 years, and naming tips.
  • Baby Name Center
    Search for names by meaning, popularity, and origin, or choose from biblical, Shakespearean, unique, and popular lists. Also offers pregnancy resources.
  • Baby Name Central
    Features boy and girl baby names, popular names, origins, meanings, top names by decade, and more.
  • Baby Name Corner
    Find the perfect baby name for your baby, look up name meanings, search baby names, and chat on message boards.
  • Baby Name Generator
    Directory of names sorted by origin, including Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Slavic, Teutonic, and Shakespeare appellations.
  • Baby Name Guide
    Lists baby names by category, a personal favorites list, and top 100 boy and girl names.
  • Baby Name Index, The
    Creating a global assortment of baby names for girls and boys.
  • Baby Name Network
    Extensive database of names browsable by gender and origin. Also shows popularity by decade and user rating.
  • Baby Name Origins
    Origins and meanings of baby names from around the world.
  • Baby Name World
    Offers a database of baby names searchable by origin.
  • Baby Names 'n Things
    Offers thousands of baby names with full meanings and origins. Includes a 40-week pregnancy calendar with day-by-day progress and developments.
  • Baby Names Country
    Origins and meanings of baby names for boys and girls from all over the world.
  • Baby Names Directory
    Database of names, along with their origin and meanings.
  • Baby Names Etc.
    Origins of various baby names, their meanings, facts, and other info.
  • Baby Names Family
    Offers a guide to baby names meanings and origins.
  • Baby Names Garden
    Searchable site with a large database of baby names. Includes name origins and meanings plus additional features designed to help users choose a baby name.
  • Baby Names HQ
    Offers a large collection of baby names and meanings, along with games, articles, and related resources.
  • Baby Names Optimizer
    Allows users to search for baby names and meanings, using an advanced search tool. The Baby Names Optimizer also includes information on naming trends, naming guidelines and tips, and most popular name lists.
  • Baby Names Pedia
    Search meanings of baby names for boys and girls or browse by top 100 names, unique names, and more.
  • Baby Names Plus
    Features baby names for boys and girls with meanings and origins.
  • Baby Names World
    Directory of baby names telling the gender, origin, meaning, and user star rating. Browsable by alphabet and annual popularity.
  • Baby Zone: Baby Names
    Includes baby names from around the world, logical baby names for twins, popular names by year, celebrity baby names, and cool baby names.
    Online site with baby names and description of their meaning, gender, and origin. Site includes message board on baby names, parenting, adoption, and pregnancy.
    Database for popular baby names, including regional categories for England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland as well as names for dogs, cats, and ponies.
  • Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing
    Satirical primer on parent cruelty.
  • BabyCenter: Baby Name Finder
    Find baby names sorted by sex, ethnic origin, and number of syllables.
  • BabyChatter
    Baby names, coupons, and free stuff.
  • Babyhold
    Offers lists of baby names and their meanings, pregnancy advice, and parents forum.
    Need a name for baby? Browse popular baby names and find their meaning and origins. Or, get inspiration from Shakespeare, soap operas, celebrities, or top names from years past.
    Features information on choosing baby names.
  • BabyNamesUSA
    Provides personality test to help choose the perfect baby name along with recommended retailers of clothes, bedding, strollers, diapers, and more.
    Features baby names and meanings from around the world. Browse by alphabet, gender, or country of origin.
  • Biblical Baby Names
    Names from the Bible, with meanings, origin, and brief description of the biblical character.
  • Cool Baby Names
    Includes searchable names list with meanings and popular categories. Also offers baby naming service.
  • Find Baby Names
    Offers a large database of baby names with meanings and origins. Also find the most popular names of the past 100 years.
  • First Names and What They Mean
    Type in a first name to find it's meaning.
  • French Baby Names
    Offers French baby names and meanings.
  • Hawaiian Baby Names
    Enter an English name and find a Hawaiian name for your keiki (child).
  • Iranian Names
    List of Iranian names for girls and boys, along with their meanings.
  • Jellinek's Random Baby Name Chooser
    Use this simple resource to pick a girl or boys name at random.
  • Keep Kids Healthy: Baby Names Guide
    Baby name resources including name finder, middle names, popular names, as well as avoiding mistakes while naming a baby.
  • Mums 2 Be Baby Name Database
    Browse, search, and add your favorite baby names.
    Dedicated to parents searching for those special baby names.
  • Name & Meanings Search Engine
    Database includes origins of names and the most popular ones for each decade.
  • Name Machine, The
    Offers a tool to analyze baby boy and girl names in the United States over the past 100 years, identifying names that are popular or unusual.
    Research baby name trends over the last 100 years. Search for a name and find out when and where it was most popular, popular names in the same region, and more.
  • Nancy's Baby Names
    Baby names inspired by the real world like Daisy, Jaggery, and Trime. With a picture of the name's inspiration, a brief description of the name's origin, as well as naming trends.
  • Natures Baby Names
    Offers baby names, sorted by meaning, origin, celebrity status, and popularity.
  • Oh Baby! Names
    Online repository of baby names and meanings.
  • Oxford Concise Dictionary of First Names
    Search Oxford's Concise Dictionary of First Names to find out what an English name really means and where it came from. Covers names from Aaron and Abigail to Zinnia and Zola.
  • Baby Namer
    Searchable database of names. Includes meanings, lists by category, popularity rankings, people's impressions of the names, and more.
  • Baby Names
    Gives the meanings of baby names along with their origins.
  • Parents' Guide to Choosing Baby Names
    Includes current popular names for boys and girls, naming tips, names to avoid, and more.
  • Pick Baby Names
    Lists baby names with their meanings by alphabetical order, gender, and origin. Also offers the top 500 names by popularity, baby photo gallery, and discussion forum.
    Database of baby names from major religions and regions.
  • Proposed Surname Convention
    Suggests that sons should inherit their surnames from their fathers and that daughters should inherit their surnames from their mothers.
  • Quick Baby Names
    Top 100 baby names for boys and girls, meanings of names, their origins, style, popularity, and more.
  • Quick Baby Site
    Offers a database of baby names and meanings as well as baby shower game suggestions.
  • SheKnows: Baby Names
    Find baby names with their meanings and categories including popular exotic, retro, and celebrity.
  • Popular Baby Names [pick] [read review]
    Most popular baby names archived by gender and birth year. From the U.S. Social Security Administration.
  • StorkNet's Baby Names Cubby
    Includes a baby names database, featured names of the month, name suggestions, and tips on how to decide on the perfect name.
    Offers information and tips for pregnancy and baby care, including names, newborn care, infant checklist, baby shower games and etiquette, gift registry, and more.
  • Thai Baby Name
    Offers Pumitaksa guide in choosing appropriate name for the Thai baby. Also includes the sign of Zodiac and more. In Thai.
  • Think! Baby Names
    Meanings of baby names for boys and girls.
  • Utah Baby Namer
    Online help for parents looking for that distinctive name that says "I'm a Utah Mormon!"
  • We Can't Think of a
    Lists name suggestions for dogs, cats, horses, and babies.
  • What a Lovely Name
    Find baby names based on traditions, celebrity babies, and dispositions like brave, calm, creative, etc.
  • What's in a Baby Name
    Uses the mathematical principle as taught in the Kabalarian philosophy to describe baby names.
    Offers a searchable database of names with meanings.

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