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  • Greenpeace International (16)
    Learn about Greenpeace International, an independent organization which uses nonviolent confrontation to expose global environmental problems. Sites feature organization information, various country chapters, environmental issues, protection and conservation campaigns, as well as about Rainbow Warrior, the famous ship of Greenpeace.
  • National Geographic Society@
    Learn about the wonders of nature and the world's cultures with National Geographic Society's magazine, TV channel, photography, and educational campaigns sites.
  • Sierra Club (20)
    Find sites for Sierra Club, an environmental organization founded by the American conservationist John Muir. Sites include organization information, educational campaigns, and outdoor adventures conducted by the America's oldest grassroots environmental organization. Also find sites for its various chapters and community outreach programs.
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)@
    Find sites for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global environmental organization dedicated to save the world's biological diversity and to fight against pollution. Sites feature organization details, conservation expeditions, protection of endangered species, and global campaigns of one of the world's largest environmental organizations, headquartered in Gland, Switzerland.
  • Friends of the Earth (6)
    Find sites for Friends of the Earth, an international network of environmental organizations across the world. Sites include the international forum as well as member organizations of the confederation which seeks to save environment through research, education, and advocacy.
  • Co-op America
    Promoting economic strategies for a better world. Find news and features about creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.
  • Nature Conservancy@
    Learn about the Nature Conservancy, a leading environmental organization dedicated to preserve plants, animals, and natural communities around the world. Sites feature organization details, conservation programs, nature friendly software, the Natural Heritage Network, and the magazine published by the nature conservation group. Also find sites for its various chapters.
  • North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC)
    Effort of Mexico, Canada, and the USA working to address environmental concerns, help prevent conflicts, and to promote the enforcement of environmental law.
  • Seacology [pick] [read review]
    Nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of islands throughout the globe.
  • Earth Island Institute (2)
    Explore Earth Island Institute, the environmental organization which promotes projects to counteract threats to environment through education and activism. Sites include organization detail, conservation programs, journal publications, and the John Muir Project of the institute founded by veteran environmentalist, David Brower.
  • Earth First! (8)
    Explore Earth First!, a radical environmentalist organization pioneered by few Arizona desert activists including Dave Foreman, Mike Roselle, Howie Wolke, and Bart Koehler. Sites feature organization details, the Czech Republic chapter, journal, articles, and the Headwaters Forest Campaign led by the radical organization whose distinct environmental activities have been criticized as eco-terrorism.
  • Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE) (2)
    Find sites for Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GLOBE), the nonprofit organization which brings research, policy, and grassroots communities together to address the issues affecting the environment, health, and corporate accountability. Sites feature organization details, programs for sustainable development, and its nuclear abolition projects to support the UN disarmament initiatives.
  • Pacific Environment
    Provides information and action items on environmental advocacy in Siberia, the Russian Far East, and around the Pacific Rim.
  • International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE)
  • Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) (2)
    Learn about Scientific Committee on the Problems of the Environment (SCOPE), an interdisciplinary body of natural and social science experts focused on global environmental issues. Sites offer scientific projects and programs, publications, workshops, as well as the Czech branch of the organization established by International Council for Science (ICSU), in 1969.
  • International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)
    Working to defend the environment both locally and globally to prevent numerous illnesses, ensure the necessary conditions for health, and improve the quality of life.
  • Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE International)
    Founded by legislators from the European Union, Japan, the Russian Federation, and the United States to enhance international co-operation between parliamentarians on global environmental issues.
  • European Commission DG XI - Environment@
    Find sites for European Commission DG-XI - Environment set up by the European Commission to initiate and define environmental legislation across the member countries. Sites offer organization details, strategic objectives, work programs, annual environment policy reviews, and the annual business awards given by the Directorate General of the EC, based in Brussels, Belgium.
    A voluntary collaboration of developers and researchers to produce software, systems, publications, and services for ecological and environmental sciences. Site features projects, tools, and services including discussion lists.
  • Bio Conserve India Limited
    Bangalore-based builders adapting bio conservation techniques for the constuction of homes.

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Environment and Nature Organizations

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