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  • Why Bother Coming Out?
    Essay examining the pros and cons of coming out as transgendered or transvestite, discussing when, how, and with whom to talk about your transgender identity.
  • Telling Parents
    Article about how and when to talk to your parents about being transgender, transsexual, or transvestite.
  • Outpath Coming Out Archives
    Personal stories from gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals coming out to friends and family about their sexual and gender identities. Read a story from a person coming out, see reactions from their friends and family, or add your own story to the collection.
  • Talking With Your Children about Gender Identity Issues
    Guide for parents who want to discuss their transgender or transsexual identity with their children.
  • Work Transition For Transsexual Women
    Advice for transgender workers on how to protect your career before, during, and after a medical transition.
  • Transsexual Road Map: Coming Out to Parents
    Telling parents that you are transgender can be a difficult conversation. This article discusses reasons why parents might react negatively, and how you can help them understand.
  • Early Transition: Coming Out Tips
    Advice for transgendered youth about how to talk about being transgender with your parents, with recommendations for movies and books that illustrate the transgender experience.
  • Allisons TG Articles: Coming Out to Family and Friends
    An example of a transgendered person's coming out letter to family and friends, explaining what it means to be transgendered or transsexual, what to expect from the transition, and answers to common questions.

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