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  • 3gb
    Community allows users to meet new and old friends, upload photos and albums, join groups, blog, chat with other members, and listen to MP3s.
  • 4LOL
    Social networking site where users can view, create, and share funny content.
  • Academici
    Global networking platform linking academics, associations, societies, services, students, and related businesses.
  • Amalana Global Networking Services
    Amalana is a global networking services portal offering online education, job search, social networking, and much more.
  • Amity Zone
    Social networking website that helps people connect featuring personals, events, classifieds, forums, blogs, and more.
  • AnAmericanBand
    Social networking site for unsigned bands and their fans to discover each other.
  • Animal Internet
    Social networking site run totally by animals. No thumbs allowed.
  • AOL People Connection
    Community for AOL users to interact in blogs, message boards, photo galleries, and more.
  • Baby Chums
    Social networking site for expectant or new mothers and fathers to congregate for common welfare. Post pictures of your little ones and show them off to the community.
    Collaborative "hyperlocal" community hoping to see thousands of web sites bloom, created by neighbors, for neighbors, and supported by local advertising.
    Online social community connecting people worldwide through profiles, photos, opinion, and thoughts.
  • Beautiful People
    Social networking site where members vote on who can join based mostly on physical attractiveness.
  • Bebo
    Bebo is a social networking website where users can share photos, music, videos, and more.
  • Bharat
    Online social networking space for the Indian students. Hang out with buddies in various communities, share campus tit-bits and videos, and post messages.
    Social networking portal where users can interact with buddies, post messages, as well as share photos and videos. Also includes various forums and discussion blogs.
  • Biznik
    Location-specific business networking community that helps independent business people build relationships.
    Offers games, personal home pages, career resources, events calendar, and more.
  • Blackworld
    Blackworld is where search, classifieds and social networks is universal. Post classifieds, jobs, personals, share music, videos, and more.
  • BlogTalkRadio
    Social radio network allows users to create their own live talk show and for audiences to listen in to orignial and indepent content.
  • Blue Collar Contacts
    Social networking forum for the blue-collar community.
  • BlueBarn
    Social networking site for marketing and advertising professionals.
  • Bolt
    Bolt is a social network that allows users to upload videos, photos, and create their own profile.
  • BooAlert
    Social network of paranormal activity enthusiasts.
  • Book Glutton
    Read and discuss books online. Offers options to upload text, or form or join groups based on published works.
  • Bookfizz
    Social network for book lovers, featuring news, reviews, a book forum, a calendar of literary events and a comprehensive archive of book awards.
    Where artists can create profiles, upload their work, and create a following for their art. Artists worldwide can connect and discuss ideas and trends via this community.
    Rate and meet guys and girls.
  • Building an Online Community: Just Add Water
    Advice from Matt Haughey in Digital Web.
  • Bumi-n City
    Track the growth and suggest changes to this virtual Japanese city with the focus on proper ecological management.
  • Buzznet
    Online community that connects people interested in music and pop culture. Includes photos, videos, journals, and self-created content.
  • Carster
    Global community for car enthusiasts where members can meet others who share their passion for driving and collecting automobiles.
  • Catster [pick] [read review]
    Learn about cat breeds and find adoption resources and health information. Catster also allows you to post and share your cat's photos and facts. Site enables viewing by breed, size, name, hometown, and more.
    Audio-focused social network allows you to find people, hear audio greetings, and be connected in secure conference calls without ever having to share your phone number.
  • Chat Bazaar
    Free online dating service and chat site, with most dating members from U.K. and U.S. looking for speed dating.
  • Chichi Girls
    Allows ladies to upload photos and videos, blog entries, and rate profiles of other users.
  • Chickable
    An online social network and women-only travel site where girlfriends old and new connect to plan, experience, discuss, and rate the travel experience.
  • CliqueBox
    Allows members to set up unique profiles, view freinds' profiles, and share photographs, groups, and events.
  • ClutterMe
    Webpage creation tool that is also a social network with social news capabilities.
    Online community where you can share your experiences and upload your photos, blog, movies, articles, short stories, and more.
    Online community with chat rooms, instant messaging, detailed photo profiles and galleries, photo ratings, and more.
  • CommunityZero
    Allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information over the Internet in their own private and secure area.
  • consumating
    Meet hipsters, bloggers, freaks, and geeks in your area by showing off your quirky personality with zany answers to questions.
  • Couples in Common
    Specializes in helping couples find and meet other couples with similar interests.
    Online community and picture rating site. Hate or rate!
  • Crazy Blind Date
    Sets up quick dates with total strangers at public places like bars and coffee shops.
  • Crush or Flush
    A mobile social networking community where people view picture profiles from their cell phone or PC to flirt, chat, date, make friends, or express themselves.
  • Cyworld
    Virtual community connects members with new or existing social networks through a "minihompy," which includes a guestbook, message boards, photos, and a personal bulletin board.
  • Daikana
    Online services and applications to help connect people and businesses.
  • DailyBooth
    A community of self-expression that connects people to their friends in real-time through pictures.
    Combining personal biographies, graphic timelines, and social networking. Tell your story and explore the lives of others.
  • Desi Fellows
    Online Indian community where you can stay in touch with old friends and find others who share the same interests.
  • Desi Rater
    A photo rating site to rate Indian girls and guys online. Upload your picture and get it rated by others. Includes chats and forums.
  • DoggySpace
    Social network for pets (and their owners). Post pictures and info about your pet and connect with other pet lovers.
  • Dogster [pick] [read review]
    Post and share your dog's photos and facts. Site enables viewing by breed, size, name, hometown, and more.
  • domeus
    Allows people to share passions, interests, and opinions by creating and subscribing to free email groups, discussion forums, and mailing lists. Previously eCircle.
  • DowneLink
    Online forum for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. Allows users to share pictures, comments, and testimonials. Also has a space for blogs and an online store.
    "vote for lunch" application that allows you to share daily preferences with your lunchtime group.
  • Ebundant Sharing Network
    Enables participants to easily find and share portable, occasional use items such as books, sports equipment, camping equipment, tools, and DVDs among friends, and friends of friends.
  • eCountryLifestyle
    Social networking site addressing a variety of lifestyle interests. eCountryLifestyle enables individuals and clubs to interact, learn, and pursue a range of interests including cooking, crafts, needlework, pottery, antiques, home improvement, cycling, the outdoors, fishing, horses, gardening, and more.
  • EdGateway Communities
    Offer science, math and environmental educators and their organizations the ability to find, organize, and share events, discussions, information, and documents.
  • Edgeofeverything....
    Offers chat and forum space for a subversive, alternative take on the world and all things in it. Zen and anarchy, psychedelia, conspiracy theories, and madness.
  • eSnips
    Social music, video, and photo and sharing site where people can upload media, share it with friends, and access it remotely.
    Social networking site focused on politics. Express your political view or argument and find people who support or counter what you believe.
  • EventBox
    Pull your social network services into one box. This Mac-only product supports Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Pownce, RSS, and Reddit.
  • Everything2
    User-created encyclopedia, web directory, and knowledge web. Everything2 offers definitions, articles, and writeups by readers about anything and everything.
  • eyebees
    The base camp of swarming offers downloadable software for a collective surfing experience. Browse the Internet with your friends and communicate while you surf.
    Face recognition for the masses. scans all of your facebook photos, recognizes all of the faces in them, and then automatically tags them.
  • Facebook
    Facebook is an online social network of profiles that connects people through their colleges, universities, high schools, or workplace networks.
  • FaceParty
    Build a personal web site, upload pictures, send messages, chat, and find people.
  • Family Routes
    Customizable social network featuring free blogging and photo sharing for families, friends, and communities.
  • Fashion Fantasy Game
    Online fashion game and tween social network.
  • Faxo
    Create social networks, fansites, dating, classifieds, local, business network, and groups.
  • FitClick
    The Social Fitness tool that lets you track, create, and share diet and workout plans with other people. You can find friends, join support groups, and much more.
  • Flickr@
    Find a collection of sites relating to Flickr, an online photo management tool where users can share photos, store, search, and sort photos.
  • Flowd
    Flowd is an iPhone app that uses GPS for location aware mobile social networking. Visit places and send messages and photos to friends.
  • Forever Ghana
    Ghana social networking site providing users access to news, videos, profiles, and blogs.
  • Fork
    Provides community profiles, cell phone wallpapers, and ringtones. Features the Mosquito Ringtone, a high-pitched ringtone which only teenagers can hear.
  • Foursquare
    Geosocial networking application allows users to connect with their friends, update location, and earn reward points using mobile devices.
  • Freebers
    Giveaway contest for users of Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
  • Friend of a Friend Project (FOAF)
    Creating a web of machine-readable home pages describing people, the links between them, and the things they create and do.
  • FriendBurst!
    Online community where users create blogs, share videos, photos, and music.
  • Friendeavor
    Allows users to connect with other people in the same area who share the same interests as them.
  • FriendFeed
    Make a customized RSS feed of photos, videos, links and share it with a group of friends.
  • FriendsAbroad
    Online community where users can meet and communicate with people from all over the world and learn new language skills.
  • Friendster (7)
    Social network sharing profiles, thoughts, photos, and opinions.
  • Full Moon Webs
    Member driven online community that offers web hosting, blogs, newsfeeds, and email.
  • Gather
    Online social networking service to connect with your friends and family. Keep up with people, conversations, and moments that matter.
  • Girls with Goals
    Ecommerce community for business women. Provides business tools, online store, workshops, and information on startups and marketing.
  • Global Pau Hana
    Worldwide grassroots community to connect people with an affinity to Hawaii.
  • Google Groups [pick] [read review]
    Google Groups allows users to start their own email discussion groups and message boards, and browse archives of Usenet groups.
  • Google Groups 2 Beta
    Offering a service where users can start their own email discussion groups and browse Usenet archives.
  • GoPlanit
    Find guides, photos, and suggestions for travelling in various cities and plan trips with friends with this social travel planning tool.
  • Got Kids Network
    Parents' social network where club members share parenting advice, local event information, shopping deals, and other resources to help raise children.
  • Greenopolis
    Share green ideas and communicate green practices on this environmentally-focused social networking site sponsored by Waste Management.
  • H Social Club
    Private online community for people with herpes. Offers friends and support, networking, and dating.
    Chat and hang out with friends in a virtual, customizable room in this social network.
  • Hatebook
    Anti-social utility that connects you with the people you don't like so much.
  • is a community-created reference covering a diverse number of topics organized into 23 channels. Helium orders subjective content with a patented, peer-review ranking system.
  • Herpes Network
    Social networking site for people affected by herpes. Meet new friends and create network groups or herpes support groups. We provide you with an advanced social networking platform; profile, photo album, groups, blogs, and more.
  • hi5
    hi5 is a place to meet new people, connect with friends, show off your photos, listen to music, build your own page, and share ideas.
  • High School Network
    Social network to reconnect high school alumni where old friends and classmates can reunite.
    Hip-hop social networking community connecting people through hip-hop music and culture. Meet new people and grow your network.
  • Holla At US
    Provides an online community for chatting, blogging, listening to live radio, exploring friends' pages, and designing your own page.
  • HP's Online Printing Community
    Offers news, videos, blogs, and more for the Hewlett-Packard printer users.
  • HP's Small Business Marketing Community
    Provides news, videos, blogs, and more for the Hewlett-Packard small business marketing community.
  • Huminity
    Social networking and chat software.
  • i-neighbors
    Meet and communicate with your neighbors.
  • ibibo
    Indian social networking portal provides blog space, photo sharing, online polls, and more.
    Online community of high-income professionals in Hong Kong, Singapore, and elsewhere in Asia engaging in discussions of school, work, and play.
  • Imagini
    An image-based social network. By clicking on images that closely match your interests, desires, habits, and feelings, the site determines your personality and matches you with people of similar tastes.
  • Imbee
    Social network for kids aged 8 to 14, promoting security and parental controls.
  • Independent Collectors
    Independent Collectors is the first international online community for collectors of contemporary art.
  • Infobarrel
    Features user-generated content including how-to guides, do it yourself articles, and fact sheets.
  • Instant Goodness
    Online community offers a fun and easy way to make web pages for sharing interests, ideas, and information with the world.
  • Intelideas
    Online community where members can post, share, and vote on favorite web links.
  • Interracial Village
    Online community for people all over the world from different cultures. Includes lifestyle, cottage shop, message board, and more.
    Social networking system for businesses to build a reputation online using testimonials and referrals.
    Community building interactive website dedicated to connecting visitors to their community of interest. Find and communicate with others, post classifieds and messages, and add events to a group calendar.
    Ning-based social network for the Michael Basiden Show fans and listeners.
    Mobile web community connecting mobile phone users through personal homepages. Flirt with other users, play games, or explore community services like mobile TV, chat, picture and video blogs, and other personalized tools.
  • Express Yourself!
    Social networking site allows users to post profiles, make friends, form and join networks, arrange events, write and read creative stories, play online games, read magazines, and more.
  • Kaneva
    Free online social network and 3D virtual world allows users to create a profile and avatar and live a modern-day virtual life.
  • Kawaii
    Content sharing site dedicated to Japanese youth culture, allow members to upload images, share links, and pin objects to their pin board.
  • Kids Sports and Fitness
    Community site that allows parents to get the most relevant and useful information about kids sports. Upload kids performance videos, photos, meet other sports parents, find teams, and buy speciality sports training products.
  • KyaYaar
    An effort to create a web presence for every business and enabling users to find, discuss, and share with their friends through the suggestion network
  • Kyudu
    Invitation-only networking website designed to enable business professionals to connect and collaborate.
  • Lab Roots
    Social networking website for the professional scientific community.
  • Laws of the Virtual Worlds, The
    Paper discussing how the legal concepts of property and moral rights might apply in virtual worlds and online communities.
  • Lestout
    News and social networking site with the expert advice and articles on health, entertainment, arts, relationships, spirituality, education, and more.
  • Life With Alacrity
    A blog on social software, collaboration, trust, security, and privacy, by Christopher Allen
  • LifeHoo!
    Discover things you want to do, meet people with similar goals, write entries and blogs, and upload photos. Live, share, and discover the things that make you happy.
  • LinkedIn
    Online service helping professionals find and connect with one another through shared social contacts.
  • Linkory
    Social networking site for sharing and linking memories. Post a particular memory so that others may add their memories of the same event. Share your own recollections of events that others have posted.
  • Livemocha
    Learn languages online in this language-learning social network. Lessons and communities include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, and others.
  • LivingSocial
    LivingSocial is a social discovery and cataloging network that allows people to review and share their favorite movies, books, games, music, restaurants, and beer.
  • Local2Me
    Location-based communities for neighbors, small businesses, job seekers, and others to share local advice and information. Groups personalized by distance and age range.
  • LocationNation
    GPS enabled social networking site. Track your friends, family, and assets, and chronicle historical data from a handheld Garmin or Magellan GPS unit. Online store available.
  • Lunch 2.0
    Social network of people who roam around Silicon Valley corporations, grabbing lunch with the company's top tech talent.
  • Makeoutclub
    Online independent music and subculture community.
  • Many 2 Many
    A group blog on social networking software.
    Experimental community geographically organized on a high-resolution map of planet earth.
  • Marble2 Global Hotspot
    Build, connect, post video, and blog your global life. Marble2 is an active social network where members blog, email, send instant messenges, and wiki articles together.
  • Mashable
    Blog focusing exclusively on social networks.
  • Meatball Wiki
    Community that deals with online culture, especially how people online come together naturally in groups.
  • Meet Up
    Connects people around topics of interest locally.
    MeetingWave makes it easy for you to expand your network offline, through face-to-face meetings. Meet your next client, generate business contacts, or make new friends.
    Online social community where one can meet, chat, and socialize with diverse network of people from across the world.
  • Meme
    Meme is a micro-blogging service where users can upload photos, post text and videos, and links to MP3 files. From Yahoo!.
    Social networking space from the folks at
  • minglenow
    Locate events and places before going out, stay in contact while you are out using your mobile phone, upload, share, and view images from the night out.
  • Minti
    Provides an online community for parents to both share and rank advice about parenthood. You can create your own family page, keep a blog, and make friends with other members.
    Social network helping people meet like-minded people, post upcoming social plans, join groups, and go out.
  • is a personalized user-recommendation site where readers can find stories, photos, videos, news, shared interest, and more.
  • MocoSpace
    Free mobile community. MocoSpace features chats, photos, profile pages, and more.
  • Mod My Life
    Wanna Control Someone?
  • Mpora
    Social networking and media site for extreme sports enthusiasts. Mpora offers videos, news, and forums about snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, motocross, and mountain biking.
  • Multiply
    Web community that allows friends and friends of friends to stay in touch by sharing photos, stories, group messages, and more.
  • Musician Playground
    Music social network helps connect with music producers, publishers, and offers music business information.
  • Muxlim
    Online community connecting the world's Muslim communities to each other, and to the wider world, through shared online experiences.
  • My Happy Blog
    Allows users to create free blogs as well as chat, play games, rate pics, post to forums, and more.
  • myGamma
    Mobile phone social network offers members access to instant messaging, photo albums, and moblogs through their cell phones.
  • MySpace (55)
    Explore the sites of MySpace, the virtual community, including the home page, its music portal, editor and toolbar wizard, the technorati's portal blog, and articles about the virtual community.
  • myYearbook
    Social playground originally built by two high school students. You've got friends!
    Provides free neighborhood social networking websites for all types of residential communities including subdivisions, condo associations, and apartment buildings.
  • Newborhood
    An online community for people moving to a new and unfamiliar city.
  • Ning
    Online service where users can create, customize, and share their own social network for free in seconds.
  • Nirvino
    Free community allows users to connect with wine and spirits lovers online and via mobile devices. Read peer-written wine and cocktail reviews, browse food pairings, and write about favorite bars and drinks.
  • Nowwwhere
    Virtual world featuring 3D ray-traced graphics. Wander around, meet other netizens, and try to solve some puzzles. Features animation and sound clips.
  • Nuzizo
    Online community offering music, chat, friends, networking as well as personals, and dating services.
  • OddPodz
    Online place where you can meet others, express yourself, have fun, and exhibit your talents.
  • Officepal
    Provides a social networking platform for administrative professionals.
  • Online Social Network
    Helping friends from different websites stay connected in a common social network through chat, forums, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos.
  • OpenSocial
    OpenSocial defines a common API for social applications across multiple websites. Site includes docs, articles, FAQs, specs, and more.
  • OpenSocial - Google Code
    OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for developing social applications across multiple websites. From Google.
  • orkut
    Online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.
  • Others Online
    Toolbar that helps like-minded people on the web find your site once you register with your web page.
  • Our Space
    A leading social network for African Americans to connect.
  • OurChart
    Social networking site from the creators of The L Word. Connect with friends, see unreleased content from the show, and access original editorial content from creative types everywhere.
  • OurCompassion
    Compassion International 's social network to empower supporters for the sake of children in poverty.
    Collaborative stories told through timelines in words, pictures and voices. Can be shared online with various privacy settings, printed in books, archived on DVD, and more.
  • Outcasted
    An online community with forums, chatrooms, free email accounts, and more. Also includes links to related web sites.
  • Papervitamins
    Online community that allows members to upload and share information about books, awards, publishers, and authors.
  • Paracalls
    Online networking website for professionals.
  • Paradise
    The plans for a deserted metropolis, waiting to be filled in. Explore and write your own part.
  • Peerclip
    A social knowledge management platform exclusively for health care professionals to oommunicate, collaborate, and discover medical knowledge with their peers.
  • People, Community, Finance
    A social networking website for socially responsible investors where entrepreneurs in developing countries will be trained on-line and locally to start their own businesses.
  • PeopleJam
    An inspiring social networking site offering advice and tips on diet, fitness, dating, parenting, career, and wellness from experts and life coaches.
    Post messages, share pictures, and upload your videos on, the online social networking destination.
    Virtual community allows users to rate profiles with photos, chat one-on-one, play online games, discuss relationships, and more.
  • Pet Watch Club
    Social networking site for pets and their owners. Find fellow animal lovers in your area and connect with other owners at pet-friendly places outside the home.
  • PetClips
    Social site for pet owners. Share videos and photos of pets, participate in forum discussions and polls, create blogs, and upload music.
  • Petsburg
    Immersing online village for pet lovers, designed for people who love their dogs and cats as if they were their children.
  • Petster
    Interactive community that connects pet owners and enthusiasts through a global network of animal lovers, pet friends, and breed and species organizations.
  • PinLoves
    Online service where users can create, customize, and share their interests.
  • Pinoy Exchange
    Features message boards on variety of topics for Filipinos.
  • Pinoy Forum
    Bulletin boards for Filipino community.
  • Playdo Community
    Create a unique character by choosing its appearance, age, gender, origin, and interests, then enroll it as a citizen in Playdo City where it can interact with other users.
    All your friends in just one place. View your email and updates from MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, and mroe with one login.
  • PulsePopuli
    Social community for users to share and ask for opinions on topics of interest.
  • qmpeople
    Meet new people, play games, send SMS messages, post and browse photos and discussion forums, and chat with new friends.
  • radRounds
    Professional networking site for radiologists. RadRounds links radiologists with one another and to new opportunities in the radiology industry.
    Social networking website for webmasters that allows them to share their knowledge on web hosting, domain, internet marketing, web design, and making money online.
  • RateMyBody
    Online community. Meet people, chat, and rate pictures of others.
  • ReachOutside
    Free social networking site with emphasis on dating, relationships, people, and businesses.
  • Retroland
    Social networking site and pop culture encyclopedia. Relive the fads and phenomena from your youth and connect with other members of your generation.
  • Ryze
    Business networking community for people in in the high-tech, finance, and digital media industries.
  • SaleSpider
    SMB owners come to Sales Spider to expand their personal networks, host and view live webinars and videos, place free classified ads, and have instant access to sales leads and opportunities. Updated daily.
  • Savvy Miss
    Articles and interviews on careers, colleges, and current issues confronting women. Features message boards, newsletters, and blogs.
  • Scott Common Sense Household Tips
    Find household hints and solutions at the Scott Common Sense Community.
    SignUpGenius is a FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists. Tool is useful for sports team snack sign up, volunteer sheets, potluck sign ups, party RSVP, and more.
  • Singer Songwriter
    Online community where fans and artists can submit, share, vote, and listen to songs and music videos.
    Online community where users can share their voices, pictures, and words. Prepare to meet new people, revive old friendships, and get your voice heard.
  • Skobee
    Make plans to hang out with your friends, check out what your friends are doing, and discover where everyone is going. Offers online "fuzzy" planning.
  • Skyrock
    People's network connecting one another through shared social community. Offers blogs, profiles, chat rooms, and featured videos from users world wide.
  • SmallRivers
    Allows blog publishers to clip content from their blogs and let it flow through the web to interconnect like-minded blogs and audiences.
    Helps to organize the different groups of people in your life using email and the Internet.
    Mobile community that enables users worldwide to flirt, chat, and share interests with other by sending SMS messages.
  • Social Gaming Network
    Online, multi-user games to be played with friends over social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, or Bebo.
  • SocialGo
    Create custom social networks with features such as chat rooms, videos, forums, and blogs. Basic package is free.
  • SocialMoms: Where Smart Moms Connect
    Online community for moms who are active on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook . Includes groups, videos, photos, discussions, and events.
  • SportsFanLive
    Sports news source and social network. Customize your sports headlines, find other fans, make "BuxBets," and get involved with fan commentary.
  • Sportsvite
    Helps local and amateur sports teams stay organized, and helps players find teams and partners in their area.
  • SpotM
    SpotM is a place to find new people, make friends, and stay connected with them through the web or your mobile.
  • Square, The
    Online community for Ivy League students and graduates offering a range of services including job opportunities, local events, personals, chat, home pages, and networking.
    Broadcast yourself live. Add live feed, video chat, movies, photos, and audio to your web page, MySpace page, or blog.
  • Stuart
    Social network for student artists hosted by the Saatchi Gallery in London. Artists can connect to friends, post messages, and display their work.
  • StumbleUpon
    A browser add-on for finding and sharing great web sites.
  • Suicide Girls
    Features hot pictures and movies of sexy amateur punk, emo, and goth girls.
  • Sweet Relish
    Online tool for organizing discoveries, sharing your likes, creating lists for gifts and holidays, online shopping, and more.
  • TabUp
    Social collaboration space for keeping tabs on groups, people, and activities; organizing daily activities; and sharing information.
    Tag friends on social networking sites.
  • Tagged
    Online community where users can share photos, keep journals, and discover friends who are tagged.
  • TagWorld
    Combines photos, blogging, tagging, and storage in a free online service.
    Online community focused on socially conscious media and issues. Watch videos, read blogs, and meet friends committed to helping change the world through entertainment and social action.
  • Teachade
    Social networking website designed specifically for educators, giving them the ability to share, search, and create resources to enhance their teaching and professional development.
  • TellMeTwin
    Rate your likes and dislikes and find your twin (people who think like you). Get recommendations for movies, music, books, paintings, travel, and more.
  • The Waiters Today
    Social network for waitresses,waiters,bartenders, and chefs.
  • Tickle
    Offers tests, matchmaking, and social networking. Tickle services include LoveHappens, an online introduction network with profiles that feature stories written by friends and family.
  • Togetherville
    Togetherville is a safe social network website for kids under 10, featuring games, activities, and educational stuff for kids and parents to supervise.
  • Tree of Wishes
    Tree of Wishes is a wish support community where members share and grant each others wishes. Every time a wish is granted a leaf is added to the tree.
    Community dedicated to keeping your ideas on the cutting edge of cool.
  • Trendmill
    Social networking site gathering together fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Allows brands and individuals to upload their creations and get feedback from other users.
    A tapestry of commentary, opinion, and analysis of the big and current social media topics.
    Online social networking service that connects the people in your personal networks and community.
  • True Nudists
    Social networking site for nudists worldwide. Features chats, forums, and gallery.
  • TruthBytes
    Mechanism for finding out what people really think of you and other people.
  • Twitter (27)
  • UberMedia
    Developer of applications and web-based services for users to find, follow, and communicate with others on social media platforms.
    Ulike is a entertainment suggestions website where you can build your virtual library and get recommendations from other people.
  • Unieros
    Online community where people celebrate cultural diversity by writing about music, film, literature, and customs from their culture through personal country profiles. Website offers profiles, picture gallery, calendar, and blog.
  • Vidacool
    Interactive entertainment community and online club for Spanish-speaking youth in Latin America, the U.S., and Europe.
  • Village, The
    The Village is a place to create online communities to connect with others with similar interests or beliefs. Users can share videos, photos, news articles and information, create blogs and forums, and more.
  • VIRB
    Store blogs, videos, pictures, and music on VIRB, share content with friends, and link out to other sites.
  • Virtual Communities and the Internet
    Offers course description, syllabus, assignments, and more.
  • VOO!
    A fun site for collaborative storytelling, photo slideshows, and games.
  • Wallop
    Flash-based social networking site where users can share photos, blog, and interact with friends.
  • Wanobe
    Online social network with forums, communities, news and articles, user offers, and games. Site in English, French, and Swedish.
  • Webstock Whole Earth Festival
    3D entertainment, information and technology showcase.
  • WeEarth Network
    Global social network enabling us to explore our connectedness with each other and with our changing world.
  • WeeWorld
    Social network built for fun where you can meet and interact with WeeMees, invite friends, send messages, play games, and create your own online cartoon page.
  • Weishare
    Connect with family and friends and share personal sites.
  • Well, The
    Pioneering online community known for engaging conversation and intelligent debate. Features more than 260 conferences ranging from technical and specific to abstract and surreal.
  • weplay
    Youth sports community and social network that connects players, parents, and coaches. Create profiles and teams, manage calendars, and share photos.
  • WereYouThere?
    A social archive of the people, places, and events that shape our lives and history.
  • Wikia
    Provides a collection of communities with web sites that any user can edit, from movies and TV, to sports, gaming, health, and other topics.
  • WikiCity
    Serves communities much like a local online newspaper, yet allows any of its readers to contribute stories, pictures, events, ads, and opinions.
  • WireClub
    Chat and dating site featuring clubs to connect like-minded users.
  • World Lounge
    Offers users the opportunity to meet people of the same ethnic background through photos, chats, and other events.
  • World Sports Hub
    Sports social network for athletes, fans, coaches, scouts, and teams.
  • Yahoo! Groups
    Yahoo! Groups allows you to create and manage online email communities in areas such as Recreation and Sports, Entertainment and Arts, Hobbies and Crafts, Computers and Internet, and Health and Wellness.
  • Yahoo! Groups Blog
    Blog for the Yahoo! Groups property. Find tips and learn about events and upcoming enhancements to Groups and related products.
  • Yahoo! Pulse
    Connect to your favorite friends.
  • YFly
    Teen-only social networking site that empowers teens to connect to their friends, meet new friends, and express themselves through a variety of personalized features. Yfly also enables teens to take their online experience to their cell phone through group text messaging capabilities.
  • Zaadz
    Social networking site focused on building communities around spirituality, ethical businesses, and personal growth.
  • Zamboozle
    Internet community with a variety of headlines, Flash games, and active forums.
  • Zanpo
    Create a constantly evolving virtual city online.
  • Zivity
    Adult social networking platform for sexy models and beautiful photography where members get to vote for models and photos they find appealing.
    Online photo storage with social networking and journal feature.

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