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  • The Onion@ [*]
    Laugh out loud with The Onion, the satirical weekly newspaper with reports, articles, and videos on international, national, and local news.
  • Adbusters' Culture Jammer's Headquarters
    Designed to be an activist tool, this site allows culture jammers to learn about, and take steps to stop, the marketing pollutants in the mental environment.
  • Popaganda
    Subversive art of Ron English including Billboard Liberation Front projects, music, shows and events.
  • Negativland@
    Find sites for Negativland, the experimental music band which gained notoriety after legal wranglings with the rock band U2. Sites provide band profile, articles, discography, sound files, and radio show of the band from the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Institute for Applied Autonomy
    Researches and develops technologies of cultural insurrection, also known as Contestational Robots or Robotic Objectors.
  • Klein, Naomi@
    Find sites for Naomi Klein, the Canadian journalist, author, and activist. Sites provide articles and newsletters, reviews, multimedia, and interviews with the writer of books on topics related to anti-globalization.
  • Droplift Project, The [pick] [read review]
    Experimental music dropped into record store bins. Burn your own Droplift CD, print out a cover, and drop it anywhere that sells CDs.
  • ?TMark
    Brokerage that supports the sabotage of corporate products by channeling funds from investors to workers for specific projects grouped into "mutual funds".
  • Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia
    Virtual reference book of all things subversive, fraudulent, anti-commercial, or just plain fun and devious. Includes tons of cool links.
  • Are You Generic?
    Seeks to protest, question, and disprove unethical corporations, censorship, excessive advertising, and hypocrisy in the media through art, apparel, and discussions.
  • Detroit Project, The
    Producers of an ad campaign targeting the connection between SUVs, and terrorism. By Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars, a nonprofit group dedicated to decreasing America's reliance on foreign oil.
  • Seemen
    Art group creating a mix of robots, machines, sculpture, computers, science, inventions, audience interaction, and storytelling.
  • Skaggs, Joey@
    Find out more about Joey Skaggs, the media prankster and performing artist. Sites provide news and interviews, articles, and videos of one of the originators of culture jamming.
  • Modern Television
    Media commentary, satire, and video from San Francisco independent producer Phil Patiris.
  • Anti-Advertising Agency, The
    Creates constructive parodies and gently humorous campaigns which critically consider the role and strategies of today's marketing media.
  • Abrupt (3)
    Learn about Abrupt, a site that advocates culture jamming through sites featuring articles, forums, and the Abrupt manifesto.
  • Grey Sweatsuit Revolution [pick] [read review]
    Experiment in personal and social expression via the limitation of one's superficial identity to a grey sweatsuit for a pre-determined and extended period of time.
  • Illegal Signs
    Tracking down illegal billboards throughout Canada.
  • Slumber, Inc.
    Street-art/propaganda campaign disguised as a large corporate entity that uses false advertisements, wheat-pasted posters, and stickers to communicate its messages.
  • Hyper-Redundant-Mart
    Why buy the product, when you can buy the idea?

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