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  • Are You a Ned or a Slapper?
    Two personality tests from the BBC.
  • Charver Central
    Includes a dictionary and details of lifestyle and fashion for this Newcastle-based phenomenon.
  • ChavScum
    A field guide to Britain's burgeoning peasant underclass: the Chavs.
  • ChavTowns
    Find out where in the U.K. the chavs/chavettes hang out.
    Finding an assortment of Glaswegian neds throughout the city.
  • NPR: Crikey! Here Come the Chavs
    Audio report in which Robert Siegel talks with Verity Jennings about "chavs," a term often used as a name for the group of British young people characterized by gold jewelry and sportswear.
  • Scally Central
    Galleries and videos of scallies, neds, spides, charvers, townies, and smikers throughout Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Spide Generator, The
    Dress your very own chav in a shell suit of your choosing.
  • Wikipedia: Chav
    Hyperlinked explanation of the derogatory slang term currently in popular usage in the south of England.

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