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  • Cacophony Society
    Practicing subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations, and associated activities. The Cacophony Society includes Locate-A-Lodge, to find a cacophony lodge near you, and a guide to organizing your own culture jamming group.
  • Wikipedia: Cacophony Society
    Provides a hyperlinked profile and short history of the Cacophony Society, a "randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society."
  • Portland Cacophony Society
    Promoting participatory art and holiday-related events in Portland, OR, challenging traditions and long-standing ideals. The Portland Cacophony Society provides information on events, monthly meetings, a mailing list, and the archives of stories and photos.
  • Denver Cacophony Society
    Promoting new views of society through perversions of popular culture, the Denver Cacophony Society presents event information and photos of past culture jamming activities in Colorado.
  • Los Angeles Cacophony Society@
  • Brooklyn Cacophony Society
    Sponsoring revolutionary cultural events, such as the annual Santacon in Brooklyn, NY. Find the latest news and announcements, videos of culture jamming activities, and other information at the Brooklyn Cacophony Society.
  • San Francisco Cacophony Society@
  • Pittsburgh Cacophony Society
    Official site and blog of the Pittsburgh Cacophony Society, a randomly gathered network of individuals looking for experiences beyond mainstream society through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations, and meaningless madness.
  • San Luis Obispo Cacophony Society
    Seeking to subvert popular culture for the public good. The San Luis Obispo Cacophony Society includes information about billboard liberation, pirate radio, Burning Man participation, and more.
  • Cacophony Society of Vancouver
    Network of individuals promoting art-related experiences outside mainstream society in Canada. The Cacophony Society of Vancouver provides upcoming event information, message boards, and media of past culture jamming parties.
  • Arizona Cacophony Society
    Challenging perceptions of society through disruptive yet artistic group activities throughout Arizona. Find the latest culture jamming news and information about the Arizona Cacophony Society, as well as contact details.

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