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Execution Methods

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  • Wikipedia: Disembowelment
    Article on the old form of capital punishment, also known as evisceration, where the vital organs are removed.
  • Wikipedia: Sawing
    Brief description of the execution method used in the Spanish Inquisition where the condemned was hung upside down and then sawed apart down the middle, starting at the crotch.
  • Wikipedia: Death by a Thousand Cuts
    Brief description of the execution method that may have been used in ancient China, where small bits of flesh were carved away over a period of days or weeks.
  • DPIC: Methods of Execution
    Reviews types of executions used in the United States, including a state-by-state breakdown.
  • History of Execution Methods
    Describes popular methods of execution throughout history.
  • Indian Mirror: Strange Administrative Customs
    Reviews unusual punishments in historical India, including execution by elephant.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts
    Overview and discussion of famously slow and possibly mythical Chinese execution method .

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