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  • Cato Institute
    Cato Institute is a nonprofit public policy institute. Site contains prepared statements made by senior Cato policy staff members before Congress, conference and lecture information, a gateway to an extensive WAIS database of policy analysis reports, an online book catalog, and more.
  • Carter Center, The
    Nonpartisan public policy institute dedicated to fighting disease, poverty, conflict, and oppression. Founded by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn.
  • Public Agenda
    Nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization devoted to public opinion and citizen education. Site offers issue guides and tips on how to interpret polls.
  • Heartland Institute, The (2)
  • Global Policy Forum
    Monitors global policy making at the United Nations.
  • Lindesmith Center - Drugs Policy Foundation
    Working to broaden and better inform the public debate on drug policy and related issues.
  • Century Foundation, The
    Undertakes timely and critical analyses of major economic, political, and social institutions, and issues.
  • Future of Freedom Foundation
  • Mackinac Center for Public Policy
    Devoted to advancing sound solutions to public policy by means of the free market.
  • British American Security Information Council
    An international research organization focused on European security, NATO, OSCE, nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear testing.
  • Commonwealth Club of California
    Public affairs speaking forum in San Francisco.
  • CitizenLink
    Contains news, research, and resources dealing with family issues in policy and culture.
  • New Rules Project
    Identifies rules that honor a sense of place, rootedness, continuity and stability, and innovation and enterprise. Project of Institute for Local Self-Reliance.
  • Bonn International Center for Conversion
    Supports and promotes the process by which people, skills, technology, equipment, financial and economic resources are shifted from the military sector towards alternative, civilian purposes.
  • Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation
    Promoting public understanding of the need for major reform in K-12 education and of the role that competition through educational choice can play in achieving that reform.
  • PolicyLink
    Nonprofit research, communications, capacity building, and advocacy organization, advancing a new generation of policies to achieve economic and social equity.
  • Goldwater Institute
    Independent, research, and educational organization dedicated to the study of public policy.
  • National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) (1)
  • Citizens for a Sound Economy
    Fights for lower taxes and less regulation.
  • Henry L. Stimson Center@

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Public Policy > Organizations

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