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  • Hebrew Alphabet
    Illustration of the Hebrew alphabet and information about Hebrew including vowels and points, styles of writing, and numerical values.
  • Evolution of Alphabets
    Presents animated representations of the evolution of different alphabets and character sets, including Greek, Phoenician, Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic.
  • Butterfly Alphabet
    Photos of the entire alphabet found on butterfly wings. Purchase posters, books, and personalized messages created with the images.
  • International Phonetic Alphabet Chart, The
    Reproduction of the full chart. Also includes such sections as pulmonic and non-pulmonic consonants, diacritics, suprasegmentals, and vowels.
  • Greek Alphabet
    Greek alphabet table listing all of the letters, upper-case and lower-case, with their names and pronunciations, and with an emphasis on their use in mathematics.
  • Phonetic Alphabets, Wordlists, Texts
    Features the NATO military alphabet code and links to phonetic alphabets of the past and from other languages.
  • Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
    As used by a Jewish scribe (Sofer).
  • Greek Alphabet, The
    Provides a chart with information on modern and classical pronunciations.
  • Icelandic Alphabet
    Has its origins in the common Roman-type alphabet used throughout most of the western world.
    Teaches how the alphabet is pronounced in several languages.
  • Everson Typography: The Alphabets of Europe
    Provides a source of linguistic data for the indigenous languages of Europe.
  • Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet
    Exploration of the connections between this ancient Northern European language and early Turkish.
  • Baybayin Script
    Includes an Alibata translator, translated Tagalog song lyrics, and alphabet.
  • Sarisari etc...
    Contains articles about Baybayin script, speaking Tagalog, and Philippine history. Also offers BabyBayin fonts.
  • Introduction to the Esperanto Alphabet
    Read commentary and hear the alphabet spoken.
  • Languages Spoken in Afghanistan
    Provides information on Pashto and Dari (Farsi) including history and special additions to the Arabic alphabet.
  • Christian Use of the Alphabet
    From the Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • Introduction to the Russian Alphabet
    Tutorial for beginning students, casual learners, or tourists, featuring audio pronunciations. Does not require special fonts or Russian language software.
  • Azbuka
    Provides images of the modern Serbian Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Politically Incorrect Alphabet, The [pick] [read review]
    Illustrator Mark Jones recreates the classic "A is for Apple" teaching charts with decidedly grown-up results.

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Writing Systems > Alphabets

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