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Ancient Greek Language

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  • Textkit
    Free downloadable Greek and Latin grammar learning tools.
  • Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)
    Research center at the University of California, Irvine dedicated to creating a digital library of the entire corpus of Greek literature from Homer to the present era.
  • Greek-Ancient Greek-English Dictionary
    Translation dictionary for English, Greek, and Ancient Greek.
  • Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway
    Resources for the study of Ancient Greek and linguistics.
  • Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
    Aims to collect and publish all known Ancient Greek personal names, drawn from all available sources, within the period from the earliest Greek written records to approximately the sixth century AD.
  • Akropolis World News
    Provides summaries of world news and other compositions in Ancient Greek and invites students and Hellenists to contribute their own writings.
  • Greek Alphabet
    Greek alphabet table listing all of the letters, upper-case and lower-case, with their names and pronunciations, and with an emphasis on their use in mathematics.
  • Greek Grammar on the Web
    Directory of sites devoted to the study of Ancient Greek.
  • Differences between Classical and Hellenistic Greek
    Describes changes in orthography, accidence, and syntax as Attic Greek evolved into Koine Greek.
    Dedicated to the study of Greek poetry from the epics to Hellenistic Anacreontics.
  • Greek Alphabet, The
    Provides a chart with information on modern and classical pronunciations.
  • Greek, Ancient
    Review of Classical Greek including its origins, dialects, phonology, morphology, syntax, related languages, and contacts with other languages.
  • Greek Numbers and Arithmetic
    Briefly describes Attic and Ionian enumeration, how the ancient Greeks expressed large numbers and fractions, and basic calculation.
  • Woodhouse's Classical English-Greek Dictionary
    Online, searchable dictionary of ancient Greek words and their English translations, originally compiled by S.C. Woodhouse in 1910.
  • Little Greek
    Tips and resources for learning New Testament Greek, plus dictionaries and fonts in the Greek alphabet.
  • Classical Language Instruction Project
    Features samples of Greek and Latin prose and poetry texts read by various scholars and in different styles.
  • Classical Greek Resources
    Features tools for the study of Classical and Ecclesiastical Greek.
  • Ancient Greek Tutorials
    Project of Donald Mastronarde and the Berkeley Language Center offering pronunciation and accentuation modules, vocabulary drills, paradigms, and more.

Ancient Greek Language

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