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  • HandSpeak
    Offers subscription-based dictionary of several visual languages including American Sign Language, International Sign Language, and signs for use with babies and pets.
  • Sign Writing
    Writing system which uses visual symbols to represent the handshapes, movements, and facial expressions of signed languages.
  • Wikipedia: Sign language
    Article covering sign language, a language which uses manual communication instead of sound to convey meaning - simultaneously combining handshapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body, and facial expressions to fluidly express a speaker's thoughts.
  • Signing With Your Baby
    Advocates use of sign language to communicate before your baby can talk. Includes links to related articles, books, and videos.
  • Sign Language Assessments
    Provides an overview of different sign language assessments as well as information on testing and test development.
    Online international dictionary of sign language. Allows users to send in their own video clips of sign language for use in the dictionary.
  • International Bibliography of Sign Language
    Contains titles of academic literature and abstracts focusing on modern sign language research, Deaf culture, and interpreting.
  • ThinkQuest: Norwegian Sign Language
    Alphabets, numbers, and the language of the deaf culture in Norway.
  • Sign Language
    Includes information and links on ASL and sign languages from other countries, baby signing, fonts, poetry, teaching, learning, and more.
  • Sign Language Studies
    Journal of scholarly articles and essays relevant to signed languages and signing communities.
  • Baby Sign Language
    Resource for baby sign language signs, videos, flash cards, and wall charts.

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