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  • Behind the Name
    Look into the history behind common first names. Provides etymology, meaning, and popularity for names in many languages including French, German, Indian, Spanish, and mythological names.
  • Online Etymology Dictionary
    Online English etymology dictionary based on a variety of sources. Searchable alphabetically.
  • World Wide Words
    Investigates international English from a British perspective. Includes articles, newsworthy words, and usage notes.
    Devoted to the etymology of words and phrases, particularly modern phrases such as 'politically correct' and 'all your base are belong to us'.
  • Take Our Word for It
    Weekly web magazine and resource site on interesting observations about words. Submit your etymology question and stay up-to-date on the latest books and games for word lovers.
  • Origin of Phrases
    Investigates interesting origin of phases including definitions and examples.
  • Etymologically Speaking
    Dictionary of interesting and noteworthy word etymologies, both in English and related languages like French and German.
  • English Words of Norse Origin
    Annonated list of English words of Old Norse origin such as father and reindeer.
  • Sanskrit Etymological Sources
    Sanskritic roots for Indo-European words.
  • Etymology & Meaning of Names -
    Devoted to the etymology, meaning, pronunciation and popularity of first names. Various origins are covered, such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Celtic.
  • E. L. Easton: Etymology
    Resources for etymology, history, and neologisms of English language.

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