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  • Abecedaria
    Blog about keyboarding in diverse languages, literacy and digital literacy, and the history of writing system theory.
  • Apostrophe Abuse
    Links and visuals illustrating an orthographic pet peeve.
  • Emerging Communications
    Academic blog archiving and commenting on linguistics and computer-mediated communication, also known as CMC.
  • Enigmatic Mermaid
    Blog on language and translation issues from am interpreter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In English and Portugese.
  • Fabulousness
    Link blog focusing on language and linguistics issues. No longer updated.
  • Freemorpheme
    The self-described mad ramblings of a graduate student in linguistics, blogging about morphology and Central American languages.
  • Glosses
    Linguistics and languages blog from a journeyman linguist at the U.C. Berkeley Slavic department.
  • Hanzi Smatter
    Dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters (Hanzi or Kanji) in Western culture.
  • How to Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons
    Blog about the pitfalls of language in general and Swedish in particular, from an American magazine editor living in Stockholm. Offers a new Swedish word every day. In English.
  • Invented Usage
    Blog on languages, linguistics, poetry, and rhetoric from two students at Brown University.
  • It Figures
    Blog that rips out the innards of things people say and reveals the rhetorical tricks and pratfalls. Includes cliches, figures of speech, and political rhetoric.
  • It's Ablaut Time
    Exploring linguistics, languages, and philology in a blog aiming to be "more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either."
  • Language Guy, The
    The blog chronicles of uses and abuses of language in advertising, politics, the law, and other areas of public life.
  • Language Hat
    Blog on language change, linguistic oddities, and abuses and misuses of English.
  • Language Log
    Blog on lingusitics and languages from a group of researchers and students.
  • Linguistic Life
    An erstwhile grad student blogs about linguistics, language, teaching ESL, and the plague of wanderlust. No longer updated.
  • Literally, a Web Log
    An English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word "literally."
  • Naked Translations Blog
    Bilingual blog about the challenges of translation and interpretation between languages. From an English and French translator, with versions in both languages.
  • Namu Pa'i 'Ai
    Linguistic blog with news and information about Hawai'i Creole English and other pidgins and creoles.
  • Next Best Thing, The
    Blog on crosswords, acrostics, and other word puzzles from a crossword author and historian.
  • Noncompositional
    Linguistics and language blog from a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley, covering topics from East Asian languages to abuses of English grammar.
  • Piloklok
    Blog investigating linguistics, modern language use, and lexical oddities in sports, from a researcher in Santa Barbara, California.
  • Polyglot Conspiracy
    Language blog covering linguistics and grammar issues worldwide, with a focus on media and the Internet.
  • Riddle, Prentiss
    Blog on language, information architecture, and life in Austin, Texas.
  • Roguish Chrestomathy, A
    The pultaceous wisdom of a word weevil, or, in other words, a linguistics blog for those of us who want to know what "pultaceous" means.
  • Semantic Compositions
    A language geek's blog about semantics, word meanings, and sociolinguistics.
  • Separated by a Common Language [pick] [read review]
    Observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the U.K.
  • Sociolinguistics and CMC
    Community blog site for linguists, sociologists, and others interested in the intersection of sociolinguistics and computer-mediated communication (CMC).
  • Subjunctivitis
    One blog's battle battle to preserve the use of the subjunctive tense in the English language. Also collects euphemisms, puns, and other linguistic trivia.
  • Tenser, Said the Tensor
    Blog of a graduate student in linguistics. Covers language, science fiction, computers and technology, comics, anime, and other geekery.
  • Transblawg
    A blog on German and English legal translations. Some of the entries are in German only.
  • Wordmall
    Explore the etymology, history, and usage of a common word or phrase with each post to this blog.
    Web blog provides tips on English writing skills, includes grammar, word choice, editorial tips, and style guide.

Language and Linguistics Blogs

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