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  • Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War [pick] [read review]
    Provides a look at the history, science, and engineering of cryptanalysis in World War II.
  • Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers
    Unofficial list of well-known unsolved codes and ciphers, from the Beale Ciphers to the Richard Feynman Challenge. Also include untranslated ancient scripts like Linear A.
  • Secret Language
    Step-by-step overview of ciphers and substitution codes for the amateur secret agent. Learn about cipher wheels and diagrams, transpositions, and frequencies.
  • Codes and Ciphers
    Essay about the use of ciphers and codes to disguise secret messages throughout history. Learn about the Caesar Substitution Cipher, polyalphabetic substitution, and World War II's Enigma machine.

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