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Prehistoric Archaeology

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  • Human Prehistory: An Exhibition
    The evolution of Human Species from Australopethicus through Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo sapiens.
  • Prehistoric Man - History Link 101
    Points to resources dedicated to cave and rock art, daily life, maps, pictures, and research on prehistoric man.
  • Development of Western Civilization: Prehistory
    Points to sites addressing modern humans' origins as well as their art and daily life.
  • Comparative Archaeology WEB
    Quick dissemination of information across continents to promote interregional comparisons of prehistoric archaeology through news bulletins, announcements, abstracts, reports, articles, dissertations and databases, links, etc.
  • Archaeogeodesy, A Key to Prehistory
    Encompasses ancient surveying, navigation, astronomy, measure of the earth. By James Q. Jacobs.
  • Ancient Sites Directory
    A directory of prehistoric sites in Britain, with photographs, descriptions and directions.
  • Reflections on Prehistory
    Essay by James Q. Jacobs addressing our earliest ancestors and their evolution, Pleistocene adaptation, the dawn of agriculture, and the rise of civilizations across the globe.
  • Neolithic Statues from Jordan at the Smithsonian
    Provides information about the discovery, construction, conservation, and display of the statues and explores them as works of art and cultic objects.
  • Origins of Agriculture as a Natural Experiment in Cultural Evolution
    Paper by Peter J. Richerson, Robert Boyd, and Robert L. Bettinger.
  • Stone Age Habitats
    Describes prehistoric people's transition from using shelter to creating shelter.
  • The Prehistoric Society
    International society whose interests are world wide and extend from the earliest human origins to the emergence of written records.
  • Prehistoric Man - Wikipedia
    Article about human prehistory, the period before written history became available.

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