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  • Mary Rose, The
    Tudor-period warship raised after more than 400 years on ocean floor. Hull remains and more than 1000 artifacts on display.
  • RMS Titanic (4)
    Explore sites for RMS Titanic, the British Olympic class passenger liner which sank in one of the worst maritime disasters in history in 1912. Sites feature history, photos, unclaimed victims, artifacts, and salvage efforts for Titanic, whose sinking inspired the plotline of the highest grossing film.
  • Vasa@
    Explore Vasa, or Regalskeppet Vasa, the Swedish ship built for King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden between 1626 to 1628, which capsized on its maiden voyage. Sites feature history, pictures, and restoration projects for the 17th century royal warship.
  • CSS Hunley@
    Learn about CSS Hunley, the U.S. Confederate submarine which sank undersea while sinking a warship near Charleston, South Carolina, in 1864. Sites offer history, background information, current news, archaeological efforts, and data obtained from a 23-year long search project that led to the discovery of the sunk CSS Hunley.
  • Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society
    Features artifacts from four ships that sank in the Florida Keys: the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, the Santa Margarita, the St. John's Wreck, and the Henrietta Marie.
  • Shipwreck Central
    Features interactive maps that show the locations of shipwrecks around the world. Many have video clips, culled from the Sea Hunters documentary series.
  • USS Monitor@
    Find sites for USS Monitor, the first ever ironclad warship commissioned by the U.S. Navy which sank while under tow in the Atlantic Ocean. Sites include history, list of crew members, photographs, first person accounts, virtual tour of the ship and the wreck, conservation efforts, and sites for its Swedish engineer-designer, John Ericsson.
  • California Shipwrecks
    See pictures of artifacts and underwater video, read shipwreck stories, and search the shipwreck database. Official site from the California State Lands Commission.
  • Edmund Fitzgerald@
    Find sites for SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the cargo ship that sank in Lake Superior, Michigan. Sites offer background information, timeline, weather conditions during the wreck, theories for sinking, photographs, memorial, and the song describing the most famous marine disaster in the history of Great Lakes shipping.
  • Whydah@
    Explore sites for the Whydah, the pirate ship which sank near New England drowning its captain and the crew, in 1717. Sites feature history, theories of shipwreck, treasure expedition, and underwater archaeology efforts to restore the first pirate shipwreck ever discovered. Also find sites for its pirate captain, the notorious (Black) Sam Bellamy.
  • RMS Lusitania@
  • Nancy Island Historic Site
    Describes facilities, activities, local wildlife, and history, including the 1934 flight of the Trail of the Caribou and the excavated hull of the HMS Nancy, wrecked in the War of 1812.
  • Professional Shipwreck Explorers Association (ProSEA)
    Represents worldwide members specializing in salvage, archaeology, and preservation of shipwrecks and underwater cultural heritage.
  • Benwood Historic Shipwreck 1942
    Including shipwreck trail information and the ship's historical signifance.
  • Hamilton and Scourge Project
    Includes information and virtual tours of warships sunk during the War of 1812 in Lake Ontario, Canada, and information on underwater archaeology techniques.
  • CSS Alabama
    Information about the Confederate cruiser that raided U.S. vessels in the North Atlantic and West Indies. From the U.S. Naval Historical Center.
  • La Salle Shipwreck Project@
    Explore La Salle Shipwreck Project which attempts to excavate and restore the ship La Belle discovered in the muck of Matagorda Bay in 1995. Sites feature history, chronicles, photos, news, and excavation details of the primary ship of Robert de LaSalle, the French explorer who claimed the entire Mississippi basin for France.
  • NOVA: Sultan's Lost Treasure
    Follows a French-led expedition to recover thousands of porcelain and other artifacts from a centuries-old Chinese shipwreck off the coast of Brunei.
  • East Indiaman G?theborg
    History of the famous merchant vessel, her loss in Gothenburg harbor in 1745, and modern archaeological excavation.
  • Kronan@

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Marine Archaeology > Shipwrecks

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