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  • Bad Astronomy: Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax
    Point-by-point debunking of the moon landing hoax theory as advanced by a television show.
  • Clavius Moon Base
    Organization of amateurs and professionals devoted to the Apollo program and debunking moon hoax theories. Clavius Moon Base examines various conspiracy theories and moon landing photographs in addition to discussing NASA technology and space vehicles.
  • The Great Moon Hoax
    Article from NASA maintaining that Moon rocks and common sense prove Apollo astronauts really did visit the Moon.
  • Sibrel, Bart (3)
  • Was the Moon Landing a Hoax?
    Pokes fun at the argument that NASA and the FBI have suppressed evidence about the moon-landing through a series of amusing photographs.
  • Apollo Hoax
    Challenges and discusses popular landing hoax theories.

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