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  • Windows to the Universe
    User-friendly learning system on the earth and space sciences for use by the general public. From the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
  • Encyclopedia Astronautica
    Reference source containing links to information on rockets, spacecraft, programs, astronauts, and more.
  • Space Today Online
    Comprehensive directory covering space from earth to the edge of the universe.
  • SpaceSounds
    Actual recorded sounds from space and audio from space missions.
  • James Oberg
    Articles, speeches, columns, and more by the spaceflight operations expert and author.
  • Star*s Family
    Collection of directories, dictionaries, databases, and related products on astronomy, space sciences, and related fields.
  • Heinlein Prize, The
    Provides a cash award of $500,000 to an individual or individuals for practical accomplishments in the field of commercial space activities.
  • Millennium Group, The
    About many physical phenomena on earth and in the heavens.
  • Inquirer's Guide to The Universe
    Including space science fact, space science fiction, imaginary planet gallery, space story studios and a space story portfolio.
  • Innovative Technologies From Science Fiction for Space Applications (ITSF)
    European Space Agency initiative studying the technologies and concepts found in science fiction, in order to obtain imaginative and innovative ideas potentially viable for long-term development by the European space sector.
  • Space Calendar
    Covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year, including links to related home pages.
  • Advance Space
    Educational resource offering links to organizations, experts, and references.
  • Space Physics at the NSSDC
    Provides information about their spacecraft and missions.
  • HowStuffWorks: Space Tourism
    Offers introduction to how space tourism works, pertaining to concepts like commercial space travel, accommodations, affordability, and lots more relating to the same topic.
  • von Braun, Wernher (1912-1977) (1)
  • Educational Guide to Space & Astronomy
    Provides an overview of space science and astronomy, aimed at school children and teachers. From the University of Leicester.
  • Discovery Space
    Explore the realm of space and learn about spacecraft and exploration. Discovery Space offers pictures, news, blogs, and videos.
  • Space Scientists Online
    Provides new and exciting information from space sciences and collects relevant information from previous space science projects.
  • Scientific American: Making Money in Space
    Exploring the solar system turns out to be the easy part. The next great challenge will be creating profitable space enterprises.
  • Space, Planetary, and Astronomical Cyber-Experience (SPACE)
    Easy to navigate guide to space and astronomy related web sites. Produced by the National Space Society.

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Directory > Science > Space

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