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  • Gravity Probe B@
  • Short Words to Explain Relativity
    Relativity explained in an essay written with words of four letters or less.
  • General Relativity
    Includes a concise history of the developments and collaborations that led Einstein and his contemporaries to discovery of the theory.
  • Special Relativity - Physics
    Presents scientific papers, commentaries, and analysis of special relativity, physics, and philosophy.
  • Einstein Light [pick] [read review]
    A brief animated tour through special relativity.
  • Curt Renshaw's Physics Home Page
    Collection of published and presented papers on the subject of relativity theory prepared by Curt Renshaw.
  • Relativity: The Special and General Theory
    Complete text of Albert Einstein's classic 1920 work.
  • Hyperspace GR hypertext
    Welcome to HyperSpace, a set of hypertext based services for general relativity research provided by the UBC general relativity and cosmology group.
  • Discrete Approaches to Quantum Gravity in Four Dimensions
    Paper reviewing three major areas of research: gauge-theoretic approaches, quantum Regge calculus, and the method of dynamical triangulations.
  • Beyond Einstein
    12-hour live webcast on Einstein's Theory of Relativity and beyond.
  • Mathematical Relativity
  • Einstein Relativity Laser Test
    Discusses the test using a laser and photon detector carried aboard a platform moving at high speed relative to the earth.
  • Special Relativity and Electromagnetism
    Summary of the unique methods applied to special relativity and electromagnetism.
  • Modern Relativity
    Features a tutorial on Albert Einstein?s theories of special and general relativity.

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