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  • Rader's Physics4Kids
    Provides extensive, searchable information.
  • Glenbrook South High School Physics
    Resources for the student including tutorials, animations, project ideas, and sample quizzes.
  • General Atomics Fusion Educational
    Includes an explanation of the fusion process, a glossary, information about the DIII-D Tokamak, and teacher resources.
  • Hands on CERN
    High school teacher and student resource designed to increase understanding of the most fundamental processes inside matter, and to explain modern research about particle collisions.
  • comPADRE
    Provides interactive learning environments and positively influences physics and astronomy students and their teachers in both individual and collaborative settings.
  • Physics Van
    Fun physics demonstrations for kids age 5-13.
  • NASA/MSU Center for Educational Resources (CERES)
    K-12 astronomy activities that utilize NASA's Internet resources.
    Prepares retirees with science backgrounds to assist middle school teachers with the physical sciences.
  • Physics Education Technology Project (PhET)
    Produces interactive simulations of physical phenomena that emphasize the connections between real life phenomena and the underlying science.
  • International Physics Olympiad (2)
  • Physics Zone
    Contains lessons, tutorial review questions, and other resources for teaching physics courses.
  • Visual Physics
    Tool for physics students and teachers which integrates Internet resources while learning the science.
  • Fermilab Teacher Fellowship Program
    Bringing outstanding middle and high school teachers to Fermilab for one year sabbaticals to participate in research in particle physics and develop educational materials.
  • Damien Memorial High School Physics Webpage
  • Fermilabyrinth
    Educational games from the Lederman Science Center to teach about physics. Learn about particle acceleration and earn Einstein Bucks by playing games. Each game includes a physics explanation.
  • Physics Learning Site, The
    Site teaching grade 12, high school kinematics (motion) concepts.

Physics Education > K-12

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