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  • World Year of Physics 2005 (WYP 2005) (8) [*]
    Highlighting the vitality of physics and its importance in the coming millennium. Commemorates the pioneering contributions of Albert Einstein in 1905.
    Features forums, a blog, and news articles covering the latest breakthroughs in physics and technology.
  • PhysLINK
    Find physics news, reference materials, societies, journals, new theories, jokes, cartoons, and more.
  • Fear of Physics [pick] [read review]
    Offers explanations for esoteric rules of physics. Offers a physics dictionary, computer graphics and animations that visually explain physics, and a homework help section.
  • NASA Astrophysics Data System
    Abstracts on astrophysics, astronomy, instrumentation, geophysics, and physics. Plus the Los Alamos preprint server, articles, and catalogs.
  • Physics Central
    Targeted at non-scientists and created by the American Physical Society. Regular features include news, ask an expert, pictures, current research, people, and links.
  • Physics Forums
    Discuss physics, cosmology, thermodynamics, and mathematics.
  • Stephen Hawking's Universe
    PBS series with Stephen Hawking and other leading cosmologists that explores questions as: Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? How will it end?
  • Science Toys
    Provides instruction in making toys for kids with common household materials to demonstrate scientific principles.
  • Cosmic Variance
    Physicists and astrophysicists group blog discussing science, art, politics, culture, technology, academia, and miscellaneous trivia.
  • Physics Classroom, The
    Physics tutorial for high school students covering Newton's Laws, energy and power, waves, light, and more.
  • Sam Barros' PowerLabs
    Includes plans, diagrams, schematics, and videos of several high voltage devices including tesla coils, electromagnetic weapons, and other practical experiments.
    Information on physics, mostly German but with international links. Things of public interest are covered in detail.
  • Grid Physics Network (GriPhyN)
    Project pursuing the creation of Petascale Virtual Data Grids (PVDG) for the data computational needs of a community of thousands of scientists worldwide.
  • Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics [pick] [read review]
    Discusses how movie scenes disregard the laws of physics.
  • Physics 2000
    An interactive journey through modern physics.
  • Kung Fu Science [pick] [read review]
    An Einstein Year Project that pairs up a physicist and a Kung Fu expert.
  • Physics Animations
    Simple animations of basic concepts in physics and astronomy.
  • Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
    Definitions of terms from the world of physics. Physics encyclopedia introducing readers to astrophysics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics, optics, states of mater, thermodynamics, and other related concepts.
  • Physics Applets
    Interactive Java curriculum modules from the University of Oregon Physics department. Topics include mechanics, energy, thermodynamics, and astrophysics.

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Directory > Science > Physics

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