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  • Long Now Foundation, The
    Proposes both a mechanism and a myth: a 10,000-year Clock, as a corrective to the short attention span of contemporary society.
  • U.S. Naval Observatory - Time Service Department
    Provides the official time for the Navy, for the Department of Defense, and for the United States.
  • Walk Through Time, A
    The evolution of time measurement, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • International Standard Date and Time Notation
    Specifies numeric representations of date and time.
  • Compute Local Apparent Sidereal Time
    An online form. Astronomers use local sidereal time because it corresponds to the coordinate right ascension of a celestial body that is presently on the local meridian.
  • What Time Is It In Indiana?
    Learn about the three different time arrangements in the Hoosier State.
  • Wolfram Research: Time
    Provides descriptions of several standards of time.
  • Times of Our Lives
    The study of time and the various timetables and rhythms that shape our behaviors and thoughts.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology - Time and Frequency Division
    Maintains the standard for frequency and time interval for the United States though the NIST-F1 Cesium Fountain Atomic Clock.
  • International Date Line (3)
  • The Engineering Purpose: From Water Clocks to Cybernetics (PDF)
    Traces the concept of feedback-control in timekeeping from ancient to modern times. In pdf format.
  • On Time
    The Smithsonian explores the changing ways Americans have measured, used, and thought about time.
  • Mystical World Wide Web Time Grid
    Facts and history about time and clocks, and folklore of the days of the year, months, and seasons.
    Information on measurements of time that includes time standards, zones, scales, calendar systems, and horology.
  • Time Pages, The
    Essay about the author's personal interest in time and a discussion of humanity's relationship to time. Also includes time quotes, time in fiction, conversion, and other information.
  • Online Stopwatch
    Provides a collection of timers and countdowns.
  • Online Timer
    Web-based timer.

Measurements and Units > Time

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