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  • Wikipedia: Pi
    Article about the mathematical constant, pi, including its history, appearances in formulae, trivia, and more.
  • Joy of Pi
    Book by David Blatner, telling the story of pi and humankind's fascination with it, from Archimedes to the modern day Chudnovsky brothers.
  • Ask Dr. Math: About Pi - Math Forum
    Includes a brief history of the number pi.
  • Pi Pages on the Internet
    Directory to pi- related history, calculation, mysteries, and other fun sites about the number.
  • Exploratorium: Pi Day
    Featuring pi history, activities, haiku, limericks, and more.
  • Pi is Irrational
    The one page proof.
  • Talking About Pi
    History, computational methods, literature, art, and more about the magic number pi.
  • S? p?ginas sobre o n?mero Pi
    Lists sites dedicated to the number pi in English and Portuguese.
  • Digit Connection: The World of Pi
    History, little-known facts, poetry, and other facts about the number pi.
  • Pi Trivia Game
    How much do you know about everyone's favorite transcendental number?
  • Olle the Greatest's Page of Pi
    Features memorizing techniques, poetry, and the 100 and 1000 clubs.
  • Elias' Pi Page
    Why is pi always written in the decimal number system? Read, listen to, and look at pi in the simplest of all number systems, the binary.
  • Dr. Math Answers Questions About Pi
    Addresses student questions regarding how to calculate, formulate, estimate pi.
  • Greg's Page of Pi
    Includes pi art, the first 1000 digits, and other information about the number that has no end.
  • Pi Land
    Eve Andersson's homage to pi, featuring trivia, notes on calculating its value using Machin's Formula and the Monte Carlo Method, poems, photos, and book reviews.
  • Search for Intelligence in Pi
    Search the decimal expansion of pi for messages from God, etc. with an online pi server! Discover the secret to the universe!

Specific Numbers > Pi

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