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  • Theory and Practice of Random Number Generation
    Facts about the theory and practice of random number generation from the Plab Project at the University of Salzburg's Mathematics Department. Learn about the types and properties of random number generators, or find software and tests.
  • LavaRND
    Downloadable pseudo-random number generator. The LavaRND generator is seeded with a seven-way cryptographic hash of a digitization of a chaotic system, or, in other words, a digital picture of six Lava Lite Lamps.
  • Wikipedia: Random Number Generator
    Read about random number generators, designed to generate a sequence of numbers without an evident pattern. Discusses true and pseudo-random numbers, statistical checks, and the uses of randomness in modern computing.
  • Wired: Totally Random
    2003 article about the challenges of random number generation and what random numbers can do for online security. From Wired Magazine.
  • Hardware Random Number Generators
    2000 paper about the testing and applications of hardware or true random number generators. Discusses the way hardware generators differ from pseudorandom ones. From Statistics Research Associates.
  • Using and Creating Cryptographic-Quality Random Numbers
    1996 paper exploring the principles of random numbers and random number generation. Read about what randomness really means, distilling random data, and how pseudo-random number generators work.
  • MathWorld: Random Number
    Learn the basics of random numbers, numbers chosen as if by chance rather than by a pattern or design. Includes common algorithms and methods of generating random numbers, with examples.
  • Pseudo Random Number Generators
    Find software libraries for random number generators. Includes basic and non-uniform generators in C++ and assembly language. From Agner Fog Research.
  • NIST: Random Number Generation and Testing
    2000 project developing statistical tests to detect randomness in binary sequences. Read papers and presentations about random number generation, or explore NIST's tests and statistical software.
  • Million Random Digits, A
    Online edition of A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates, the classic 1955 statistics book of tables of random numbers and deviates. From the Rand Corporation.
  • RngPack
    Pseudo-random number generator package for Java. RngPack contains base classes, research grade generators, a wrapper for Java's built in random number generator, and a demonstration application.
  • Cryptographic Random Numbers
    Introduction to random numbers used for cryptography and digital security applications. Learn about criteria for randomness, random sources, and advice about what to do and not to do with random number generators.
  • How to Generate Pure Random Numbers
    Learn about the differences between pure random numbers and pseudo-random ones. Discusses pseudo-random number generators, what it means for a number to be non-deterministic, and the sources of natural randomness.
  • Uniform Random Number Generator
    Learn how to use the random number generation subroutine in the programming language Fortran. With examples using Fortran variables, functions, and sequences.
  • High-Entropy Randomness Generator
    2002 research paper discussing the principles of a High-Entropy Randomness Generator. Suggests ways such a random number generator could be used in cryptography and other high-stakes adversarial applications.

Numbers > Random Numbers

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