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  • World of Bifurcation
  • Bifurcation
    Explores the qualitative change in an attractor's structure as a control parameter is smoothly varied.
  • Mathimatical Experiments
    Series of graphs detailing bifurcations of orbits.
  • Stability and Bifurcation
    Compares the relationship between the change of stability and bifurcation always coinciding.
  • Bifurcations
    Explains the global behavior of a system, which depends on a parameter, changing when the parameter varies, using population dynamics as an example.
  • Bifurcation Diagram Plotter
    Includes tips, background knowledge of applet, and outline of the mathematical theory.
  • Bifurcation Control Of Chaotic Dynamical Systems
    Report illustrating the role of nonlinear systems in the control of chaotic dynamic models.

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