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  • Falls of the Ohio State Park
    Located on the banks of the Ohio River, it features one of the largest naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world.
  • Discovering Fossils
    Guide to the diversity of fossils around the U.K., including equipment needed, locations, preparation, and other resources.
  • Virtual Fossil Museum
    Galleries of fossils organized by location and scientific taxonomy.
  • The Life and Times of Long Dead Sharks
    Sharing of information about fossil and living sharks and rays.
  • Burgess Shale Fossils@
  • Fossil Horses in Cyberspace
    Learn about paleontology and evolution by exploring the rich fossil record of horses.
  • Fossil News: Journal of Amateur Paleontology
    Monthly printed and online magazine devoted to all facets of paleontology.
  • Dawn of Animal Life
    Using exclusively Canadian rocks and fossils, this exhibit highlights almost three billion years of early evolution when only simple, soft-bodied creatures inhabited the Earth. From the Miller Museum of Geology.
  • Collecting Fossils in California
    Describes fossil collecting sites in California with detailed instructions.
  • London Clay Fossils
    Dedicated to the fossil fauna (lower Eocene Ypresian) found on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.
  • Fossil Butte National Monument
    Fossil Butte National Monument located in Kemmerer, Wyoming, is one of the richest fossil localities in the world. The site preserves fossilized fish, insects, plants, reptiles, and birds in its 50 million year old lake bed.
  • John Day Fossil Beds@
    Resource for fossil collectors in and around the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Includes fossil identification and collecting tips, virtual tours of fossil sites, and more.
  • New York Paleontology
    Provides information on the state's Devonian stratigraphic column and the fossils preserved within it.
  • Mesozoic Fishes
    Devoted to fossil fishes from the Mesozoic Era, and to the researchers around the world who study them.
  • 3D Museum
    The museum allows you to view fossils, shells, and bones in 3D. From the Vertebrate Paleobiology Lab of the University of California, Davis.
  • Mohawk Valley Fossils
    Examines the sediments that were deposited during the Middle to Late Ordovician Period in the ocean that was then at the present site of the Mohawk River Valley of New York.
  • Mazon Creek Fossils
    Features the flora and fauna of the 300 million year old Francis Creek Shale.
  • Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks
    Descriptions and pictures of common fossils provided by the Kansas Geological Survey.
  • Ahl al Oughlam
    A Pliocene locality (2.5 million years old), which has yielded 80 species of vertebrates, mainly mammals and birds.

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Paleontology > Fossils

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