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Historic Tsunamis

Tsunami Research

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  • Wikipedia: Tsunami
    Hyperlinked article on the phenomenon of extreme ocean waves that occur after earthquakes or other seismic events impact in or near the sea.
  • Pacific Tsunami Museum
    Public education, exhibits, oral histories, and the science of tsunamis in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin.
  • Tsunami - NOAA
    Learn about tsunami generation, propagation, warning systems, and forecasts. NOAA's tsunami site also provides community preparedness information and ways to reduce their impact.
  • Tsunami from Asteroid/Comet Impacts
    An asteroid striking the ocean could generate tsunami (tidal waves); what is the risk to coastal locations?
  • Tsunami Warning System - Wikipedia
    Article about tsunami warning systems, international and local systems designed to detect tsunamis and issue warnings to prevent loss of life and property.
  • July 17, 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami
    Geological studies, animation, and information from the USGS.
  • Tsunami Database - National Geophysical Data Center
    Records recent tsunami events. Searchable database of information on tsunami events from 49 B.C. to the present in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, and the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.
  • Tsunamis & Earthquakes - USGS Western Coastal & Marine Geology
    General information on how local tsunamis are generated by earthquakes as well as animations, virtual reality models of tsunamis, and summaries of past research studies, from the USGS.
  • Tsunami!
    Information about the mechanisms of tsunami generation and propagation, the impact of tsunamis on humankind, and the Tsunami Warning System.
  • Tsunami: The Big Wave
    Information from the NASA Observatorium.
  • Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan
    Report from the USGS providing guidelines for surviving a tsunami and eyewitness accounts from tsunami survivors.
  • Tsunami - Yahoo! News
    Ongoing coverage of tsunami events with new, video, and images. Learn about the latest tsunami warnings and affected coastal communities.
  • TsunamiReady
    Community safety information and advice from National Weather Service.
  • CDC: Tsunamis
    Provides information on the serious public health consequences associated with tidal waves.
    Offers general information about tsunamis and the December 26, 2004, disaster in Asia.
  • Hawai'i - NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
    Tsunami messages for Hawai'i past ten days. Maps and warnings from the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Ocean Waves > Tsunamis

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