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  • Ancient Crystals Suggest Earlier Ocean
    Earth Observatory feature about the tiny, ancient mineral crystals from the arid shrublands of Western Australia that suggest Earth's oceans developed far earlier than scientists used to think.
  • Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (AODC)
  • Beachcombers' Alert!
    For beachcombers to obtain and exchange information about what's floating on the ocean and what's landing on the beaches.
  • Coastal Ocean Modeling - USGS Woods Hole Field Center
  • Drain the Ocean - National Geographic Channel
    National Geographic program exploring the hidden landscape of the ocean floor. Drain the Ocean's interactive map allows you to virtually visit Atlantic Mid Ocean Ridge, Monterey Canyon, coral hills, seamonts, and other dramatic undersea locals.
  • From Sea to Shining Sea
    Multimedia project featuring the famous painting by Robert Lyn Nelson. Offers information on a variety of ocean creatures.
  • Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology
    Online magazine for industry news and technical articles on Hawaiian oceanography, aquaculture, fisheries, biotechnology, ecology, energy, engineering, geophysics, and water-quality research.
  • International Arctic Buoy Program - University of Washington Polar Science Center
    Maintains a network of automatic data buoys in the Arctic Basin to support real-time operations and meteorological and oceanographic research.
  • International Year of the Ocean 1998@
  • IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library
    Wide variety of earth science data, primarily oceanographic and atmospheric datasets.
  • Kaikoura
    Tales of the exploration of the deep-sea world of New Zealand's Kaikoura Canyon, an ecosystem that is home to the giant squid.
  • NOAA Marine Geology & Geophysics Division@
  • NOAA Ocean Explorer [*] [pick] [read review]
    Provides public access to current information on a series of NOAA scientific and educational explorations and activities in the marine environment.
  • Ocean Engineering
    Journal covering submarine soil mechanics, coastal engineering, stress analysis and hydrodynamic properties of shells, and ocean energy.
  • Ocean Planet
    Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition which celebrates the spectacular diversity of the oceans and examines the environmental issues they now face.
  • Ocean Science-Related Acronyms
    A searchable list of acronyms related to ocean sciences, along with their expansions and (where available) national or institutional affiliations.
  • Ocean's Carbon Balance, The
    Earth Observatory article examining the question: Is the ocean carbon cycle changing yet?
  • Seamount Catalog
    Digital archive for bathymetric seamount maps that can be viewed and downloaded in various formats.
  • SeaWeb
    multimedia project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it.
  • Speak Up for Blue
    Find information about ocean conservation and awareness. Includes ocean facts, news, interviews, and conservation solutions.
  • U.S. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command@

Directory > Science > Earth Sciences > Oceanography

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