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  • Wikipedia: Geologic Fault
    Hyperlinked, in-depth description of discontinuities in the Earth's crust. Explains the differences between normal, strike-slip, and thrust faults.
  • Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN): Faults
    Details the different types of plate boundaries, with animated imagery and photos of the Sierra Madre Fault.
  • University of Wisconsin: Faults and Earthquakes
    Extensive article that asks, what causes earthquakes? Discusses fault structures, seismograph readings, and the Earth's interior.
  • Faults and Fault Zones
    Photo gallery highlighting a number of different geologic fault features in nature including: normal faults, reverse or thrust faults, strike-slip faults, fault contacts, and fault gouges.
  • UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory: What is a Fault?
    Definitions adapted from The Earth, by F. Press and R. Siever.
  • Talk Origins: Thrust Faults
    Offers an explanation of the mechanics of motion along thrust faults, with photos and examples of the Lewis Thrust working beneath Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park.
  • University of Leeds: Faults
    Describes faults and stress, thrusts, and soft-linked fault systems. Includes picture gallery.

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