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CATEGORIES (What's This?)


  • Bayerisches Geoinstitut
    Pursuing and developing experimental high-temperature/high-pressure research in the fields of mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and geophysics.
  • Petroleum Organic Geochemistry Group (POGG)
    Focuses on using a variety of carbon containing compounds to understand processes which have affected petroleum basins and sediment-covered hydrothermal vent areas.
  • Geochemical & Environmental Research Group (GERG)
    Analytical laboratory and research center for environmental chemistry, petroleum geochemistry, oceanography, and other related fields.
  • Institute of Geology & Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals - Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
  • W. M. Keck Foundation Isotope Laboratory
    Conducts research and graduate student training into the working of the Earth using the tools of isotope and trace element geochemistry.
  • Isotope Laboratory
  • Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory
    Range of projects includes geomicrobial ecology, sedimentary geochemistry, and waste systems.
  • Stable Isotope Laboratory
    Offers information about global climate change studies, lab methods, the lab's people and their publications, and links to other relevant sites in geochemistry.
  • Geochemistry
    Emphasizes the study of processes taking place in environments near the Earth's surface, in particular, soils, sediments, aquifers, estuaries, and the ocean.
  • Geochemistry Department
    Combines expertise in chemical and isotopic analysis, molecular environmental science and mineralogy, along with data-gathering methodology over the full range of earth environments to enable characterization of geochemical systems.
  • Radiogenic Isotope Lab
    Areas of research include: transition metal geochemistry, biogeochemistry, tectonics and geochronology, and planetary evolution.
  • Isotope Lab
    Analytical facilities for state-of-the-art Pb, Sr, and Nd isotopic tracer studies, rare earth element analyses, and U/Pb, Rb/Sr, and Sm/Nd dating.
  • Organic Geochemistry Research Group
    Working to understand the organic geochemistry of natural and polluted waters.

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