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Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones

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  • Pacific Typhoon - Wikipedia
    Article about Pacific typhoons, tropical cyclones that form in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • NWS JetStream - Tropical Cyclone Introduction
    National Weather Service guide to the formation and power of tropical cyclones, also referred to as hurricanes and typhoon. Learn about these massive tropical storm's structure, classification, and hazards.
  • Hurricane Relief - Friend Ships
    Friend Ships Unlimited provides large scale hurricane aid and supports of relief efforts.
  • Hurricanes: The Greatest Storms on Earth
    Introduction to hurricane formation, anatomy, and climatology from NASA's Earth Observatory.
  • Tropical Twisters
    NASA Kids feature addressing what hurricanes are and how they work.
  • The 3rd Annual AccuWeather Hurricane Summit
    Focusing on how the upcoming hurricane season will impact U.S. Energy Sector. Monday May 12, 2008; The Hyatt Regency Houston, Houston Texas.
  • Predicting Hurricanes: Times Have Changed
    Looks at how NOAA's investment in ocean and atmospheric research, coupled with technological advancements, has led to a remarkable transformation in hurricane monitoring and forecasting.
  • UW-NMS Occlusion Page
    Animation of model output demonstrating the occlusion process in the January 19, 1995, Midwest U.S. winter cyclone.
  • Weather Watch: Hurricanes
    Learn about the power and fury of tropical storms with Scholastic. Offers lesson plans and project ideas for K-8 teachers.
  • St. Petersburg Times Online: Hurricane Guide
    Hurricane guide for Florida residents, including how and when hurricanes form, safety and preparation information, and current hurricane news.
  • Hurricanes
    Current hurricane forecasts and news, with an interactive exhibit about the anatomy, strength, and history of hurricanes worldwide.
  • Hurricane Features
    Explanation of the causes and formation of hurricanes, including the anatomy of the storms and the kinds of damage they do. From the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
  • NASA GRIP Hurricane Mission (3)
  • Canadian Hurricane Centre
    Advises Canadians on the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms, and provides guidance to weather centres in all regions potentially affected.

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